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Title: [UNSUCCESSFUL] Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: monolithdigital on July 24, 2010, 12:12:56 PM
(http://i.imgur.com/lVWoC.jpg)My Name is Aaron Sears, and am formally applying for the leadership position in the Pirate Party of Canada

Background  — I am currently serving in the Canadian Forces as a Naval Communicator  Esquimalt, B.C. I have been working IT for the navy for the last 7 years, and before that, as a graphic designer. I have  diploma in digital art and design, as well as going for my degree in 'business and technology' from Thompson Rivers University. I currently have one deployment under my belt in 2008, around the Somalian coast, and am currently an instructor for the next generation of todays serving members.

Disclaimer: While I mention my service for background purposes, this is no way is endorsed by DND. I am applying as a citizen, and not in any way affiliated with DND for the purpose of this request.

Platform — The whole idea for the pirate party, in my opinion, is to add a level of technological knowledge and understanding to the Canadian political spectrum. To date, it is mostly done by large Canadian corporate interests, which act in their shareholders behalf, and not of the public in general. There needs to be balance in this, for the sake of personal freedoms, encouragement of an entrepreneurial and competitive technological business culture, and balance in government.
This first phase of the pirate party needs to be about legitimacy, and while it may sound a little superficial, a bit of pandering to the center (as it is in Canadian politics) would be a good thing. It's generally an uphill battle, but I know the more professionals that join us, the better it will be, and am here for that purpose.

While our stand on internet neutrality and other like matters is well known, stances on other important issues to Canadians will be, in essence, what allows us to eventually garner mainstream support from regular Canadians. I find the people who support the PPC tend to have similar views on the issues surrounding Canadians, and these needs to be clarified in order to give a complete political package to Canadians.

Foreign Policy — Canada has had a history, post world war II of 'punching above our weight' in foreign interventions. While this is generally a good thing, great care needs to be made to ensure that we do not overstep our bounds, capabilities, or ethical mandates. I would be for removal of troops and Aid agencies overseas, in the event that their continued presence is either not sanctioned by the UN, or unable to assist a country. Canadians overseas are very expensive to maintain, and if we are no longer doing the good that we should, it's time to consider re-tasking. Our trade and foreign relations are very interconnected, and this is a good thing, to excersize 'soft power' in order to achieve ethical and humane ends, and this needs to be encourage. While the need for a strong business sector in Canada is a good thing for all, this cannot take precedence over our efforts to improve the quality of life for the world. An increase of 15% profit over the last quarter is too high a price to pay for that aim.

Economic — Large industry, and large corporations do very well in the Canadian market, and in that regard, will not need government help as much as budding entrepreneurs, or small business owners. Our economic policy should be designed for removing the capital investment costs in all sectors. All Canadians should be able, with a little hard work and know-how, to get into the business sector and prosper. And while I know it's cliche to say a balanced budget or surplus is important, the need for us to occasionally sacrifice in the short term, in order to have prosperity in the long term, is something the country needs to hear form out public officials

Education — Strong education breeds strong civic minded citizens, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals. Ensuring a policy that gets as many Canadians into the door as possible is of the utmost importance in the long term Canadian interest. Countries like Oman and the UAE are able to provide all their citizens with free college, and what amounts to a 'starter pack' for their first step into the real world. Ideally, we should have the same process here. So long as someones willing to work for it, there should be no barriers financial, geographical, or otherwise in achieving that.

Aboriginal Affairs — The current system is flawed. Too many people have framed the debate in a way that does not benefit our first nations. Accountability, return on investment (in the sense that money spent needs to have defined goals, and meet those goals) and eventual autonomy for these communities should be the endgame. When communities are brought up to prosperity together, we all prosper.

Quebecois — Our french culture is one of Canada's prized possessions, and we should encourage as much of it in the Canadian culture as possible. We are home to the second largest french speaking city in the world (Montreal vs. Paris) and as such have a great deal to offer all Canadians.

Now none of these are set in stone. There is a strong need for public discourse, and concessions may have to be made to less important objectives in order to achieve the important ones. We need to remain flexible, honest, transparent, and engaged with everyone, in order to achieve the greatest good for Canada, even if it requires sacrifice in the short term.

And on a lighter note, you have to show up in a nice suit, clean haircut and well maintained shoes. Looking professional makes the job of being professional that much easier.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Mikkel Paulson on July 24, 2010, 12:35:28 PM
Aaron, if I'm not mistaken, the CF prohibits its members from joining political parties. You might want to look into that.

Thanks for the application, anyway. :)

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: DainRautenstrauch on July 24, 2010, 01:32:23 PM
interesting...im joining the forces and going for naval communicator.

Aaron, if I'm not mistaken, the CF prohibits its members from joining political parties. You might want to look into that.

You can still be a member of a political party, but you cannot run for Director or Leader.  Asked the person when i was doing my interview.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Jay Frank on July 25, 2010, 02:12:10 PM
poast needs moar Predator drones....

Welcome aboard Mr. Sears.



Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Mike Bleskie on July 25, 2010, 09:03:55 PM
First off. If you are a current member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I would concur with the above statements and make sure that this is allowed. I don't want what appears to be a good soldier to get caught up in administrative problems.

Secondly, your personal ideals for the party are going against a well-maintained and good policy of bloc-neutrality on the part of the party. We wouldn't mind if this was for an individual ridiung and you were running for candidate, but by setting policy opinions in other issues, you risk endangering the happy coexistence that we currently enjoy with leftists, social democrats, libertarians, centrists, and even some of those who have joined our party from the right.

Thirdly, how long have you held membership in the party, if I may so ask? This is your first post here on the PPCA forums, and so we've yet to see the potential that you have in serving the party on the basis that would be needed in a leader.

Let me just say this. You seem like a fantastic guy. Are you welcome to work with us? Heck yes. Would I like to know you better and be able to work on things with you? Heck yes. The things which cause me to not second this application are the touchy military rules (Dain knows, being associated with the military, and I know, having some cadet friends moving onto the Air Force and the Navy), your relative inexperience working with the party, and the possibility of tossing out the bloc-neutral policy. That said, welcome to the party forums, and I hope you delve into our operations a little more, because you are the kind of person we like to see around here.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: monolithdigital on July 26, 2010, 07:47:45 PM
With regards to my current employment, thank you for the concern and support. And while chain of command likes to be in the know about your puclic endevaors, the rules have changed, and so long as a member makes it clear that it's his decisions as a private citizen, and it does not reflect poorly on the forces, and your chain of command does not explicitly deny, than it is permitted. I am prepared to change employment as it stands to private sector in the next few years, and moving the timeline forward, should responsibilities require, is also a strong option. I try not to put the cart ahead of the horse on these kind of things though.

Having said that, I am currently moving to a new unit, and if the situation changes, I plan on being open and informing everyone quickly.

And with the rest of the issues, I should reiterate (if I had missed it's importance) that it's a starting point for discussion. A one issue party, at least in the Vancouver island area, are critiqued(in my experience) similar to the rhino party, and due to it's origins (which I am in favour of, but have less that stellar legal standing, justly or not) And I find this to be a strong thing to have, at least, an idea about issues, and be able to give a good level of civic knowledge. It's not so much about the particular stance, but to have a stance and be able to speak about it with a level of eloquence, and open discussion with others.

I agree with the idea of not alienating others though, so it appears as if the ball is already rolling.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Mikkel Paulson on July 26, 2010, 07:53:12 PM
We don't support breaking of laws. We support changing of laws. That's why we're in politics.

I strongly encourage that you double-check with the CF matter. You don't need that on your record, and the PPCA certainly doesn't need a leadership scandal should you be elected.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: monolithdigital on July 26, 2010, 08:11:22 PM
I understand the concern, but you have to remember, there is a lot of people in Canada who only know a very limited amount of the PPoC, and we have to address that. While you and I both know our motives are legal, moral and ethical, the onus is on us to ensure that is the message that is being recieved. Considering the amount of media attention, it's an uphill climb.
Best example I can find to illustrate my point would be postings on reddit with regards to the party. While by no means is it scientific or to be taken as a majority opinion, it does show a valid concern.

And I will restate, so there is no misunderstanding, my current employing unit is aware and has no problems, if my next unit decides to do so, than I guarantee the forums will be the first to know.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Mikkel Paulson on July 26, 2010, 08:25:14 PM
Fair enough. I'll still refrain from seconding your application, however, since I don't feel that you have the background or the goals necessary to effectively lead the party at this point.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Mike Bleskie on July 26, 2010, 09:52:04 PM
That is also my concern. I'd likely second you if you were applying for a director's position, I feel you would have an impact there, but will not be seconding your leadership bid at this point in time.

Title: Re: Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Concerned Citizen on July 27, 2010, 03:11:42 AM
I'll have to echo the sentiments of others in this thread due to you seemingly having a very 'fresh' history with the party that I wont be seconding the application for leadership. Do not lat that discourage you however, I believe you would make a great candidate for whatever riding you would choose to take part in.

I think your Platform has some merits. I have personally advocated for a push towards framing other non-pirate issues in a pirate context. Anything which enhances the rights of citizens should be considered as a potential point to add to our election platform, not necessarily our core platform (also known as pirate issues)

Foreign Policy: Good stuff. I can support reducing or eliminating troop and aid deployments once a crisis is over. I would say no monetary aid be given. Only supplies and food. Money tends to end up in the pockets of tyrants and despots to buy guns to enforce their will on their people.

Economic: You're stuff here makes sense. I personally think we should work to paying off the debt because every dollar we pay in interest payments is a dollar that could have been put to better use funding say medicine or education or something more important. If the government was a private citizen it'd have debt collectors phoning 24/7. I also like the idea of government offering help to small businesses likely in the form of low or no-interest loans to help companies bootstrap with some limitations on the amount granted per person per year.

Education: Nothing to complain about here. I always suggested that education should be a platform point in that an educated society will generally select better in it's own self interest. Such education should not be by 'rote' but education in the thinking process and logic as well.

Aboriginal Affairs: Good to me, ultimately they should be autonomous. Thus not needing money from the Federal Government on a regular basis to keep running.

Quebecois: A good point. I would suggest that all canadian schools should include mandatory French education from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12. The ultimate goal would be to have a fully bilingual society. I believe the biggest barrier to appreciating the Francophone culture in Canada is the language. Children are not introduced early enough, also in my experience they do not move from words to grammar/phrases to conversation quickly enough either. My experience is that Grade 6 is when you start and Grade 9 is when you finish... Not a whole lot you can learn in half an hour a day for 10 months of the year besides where is the bathroom?

Title: Re: [UNSUCCESSFUL] Aaron Sears - Leadership Application
Post by: Sean Hunt on July 31, 2010, 01:09:44 PM
Sorry, Aaron, but you don't have the requisite number of seconds, so I have to declare this application unsuccessful. Thanks for trying.