The Pirate Party of Canada strives to reform Canadian information laws to meet the needs of the new century. We are supporters of free culture, transparent and accountable government, and engaging democracy.

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Interim Leader and Directors


I apologize for the recent fiasco, and would like to make sure everybody knows that all the posts from the election/voting are all still ok, just hidden for now. 

On to business, 

In an attempt to get the party registered, and allow for proper election protocol to be written and used, we have appointed Interim Directors and an Interim Leader. 

This is only temporary, and these are figurehead positions for the paperwork to be filed to have the PPCA recognized by Elections Canada. 

Leader: Jake Daynes 

Chief Technical Director: Stephane Bakhos (Nuitari) 

Executive Director: Bob Jonkman (bobjonkman) 

Director at Large: Kevin Price (KevinOttawa) 

Marketing and Public Relations Director: Daniel LaSalle (LasD) 

These people have been chosen for several reasons, their current positions in the party, experience in these fields, a willingness to step up to help make this party a reality. 

This is finalised.

-Jake Daynes 
Leader of the Pirate Party of Canada

5 comments to Interim Leader and Directors

  • Daniel LaSalle

    Let’s rock!

  • personne

    enjoy your club guys, it’s looking just like a real party, like the consiberals.

  • Daryl Christensen

    It’s about time. Go forward Jake. :)

  • Stew Rogers

    Keep this going guys. Just found this website, and I’ve been extremely active lately on file sharing (“Piracy”), and I’m an avid user of torrent websites. Intellectual property is something that shouldn’t have a price on it. Lets share our culture! FREELY! The way it should be.

  • E-mannen

    “I apologize for the recent fiasco”
    As a person looking at you from the outside I have no clue what this ‘fiasco’ is all about. Care to explain?

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