Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Increase Government Transparency and Accountability

We will introduce a new right for constituents to force a by-election in the event of a loss of confidence in their MP. We will require minutes of all meetings of officials on government business to be accessible through Freedom of Information requests. We will also aim to ensure that all available information that could be requested under a Freedom of Information request is digitized and made public by default as part of a natural filing system, without cost for the public to access them.

We will introduce a constituent-representative interaction system to streamline communication at the constituency level and provide a transparent medium for contributing ideas or expressing discourse.

Other possible improvement could include a default proxy voting for each constituents granted to the MP following their election. A dissatisfied member can withdraw the proxy and vote on a bill themselves. If a certain % of proxy voting withdrawals or recall is reached, it will signal an MP’s constituent have lost confidence in their representative and a by-election is automatically called.

We will require that all international treaties be passed through parliament as a standard bill, requiring the full approval of both houses.

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