To describe the goal of the Pirate Party in a single word, I would use “empowerment”. The beauty of the Internet and information technology is the ability for a poor child to have the same opportunities to create change as a wealthy privileged adult. It is the goal of the Pirate Party to encourage that strength, and to promote values which will empower every Canadian.

Many people say we have a silly name, but what is a name? We are the Pirate Party because we were called “Pirates”. If we were the Humanist Party, we would still hold the same values, and so we keep our funny name but use it to get the attention to spread to our very important causes. We are the premier progressive party within Canada, and it’s important that we are able to represent these values in the best way we can.

The Pirate Party is frequently called the Internet Party and to some we are, but the goals we stand for are so much more than that. We want to ensure that there are social safety nets which help good people get out of bad situations and make sure every Canadian can live out full and happy lives. In general, the Pirate Party rejects political ideologies in favour of science and reason. Eliminating drug patents and increasing funding to higher education would save our provinces money while decrease the cost of medications for people who currently cannot afford them; spending the money now to develop nation wide projects will create long term growth in our GDP both directly and through the inspired children who decide to take higher education.

We encourage you to take a look at our collaborative 2013 policy list and then stop by our Reddit Page and discuss your feelings of the party and hopefully find some good locals to meet up with. I, personally, would like to thank you for visiting our page and I hope that the Pirate Party is the right fit for you. We are not extremists, we are just honest people who are trying to make life better for everyone.

Travis McCrea
Former Party Leader, 2013