If you don’t get a respond rightaway (e.g. people are away from their computer) please post your questions at our forum:

If the IRC window below does not work and you don’t have an IRC client, simply click on this link and join the chat:

To connect to our IRC network using a client, please note the following information:

server: (or our own domain of

admin: meeb

features: IPv4, TLS, SASL

ports: 6667 (standard), 6697(TLS)

The main chat channel for PPCA is #canada

As part of our commitment to democracy both internally and externally, anyone is welcome to attend and watch the meetings in progress, although only members can participate. (You will need an IRC client to attend.) All dates and times subject to change.

Note: SSL has been superseded by TLS

You can also join us via Mumble (voice chat. software download via
Connection details:
port: 64738 (default)