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The Pirate Party is a diverse global movement and its values are under constant re-analysis. It is hard to sum up what makes the Pirate Party tick simply, but here are some of the summaries that have been given by others:

From the Pirate Party of the United States:

  1. We stand for open culture. No one should have the power to prevent the free exchange and expression of ideas, tools, or works.
  2. We stand for transparency and openness. Government activities should not be hidden from the public.
  3. We stand for individual privacy. The amount of oppression in a society is inversely proportional to its privacy protections. Individuals must be free to make personal decisions that do not harm another person.
  4. We are anti-monopoly. No monopoly should be able to prevent works, tools, or ideas from: being freely used, expressed, exchanged, recombined, or taught; nor to violate individual privacy or human rights. A creator’s right to be compensated for their work or idea is only acceptable within these limitations.
  5. We stand for individuals over institutions. Universal human rights apply only to human beings, and not to corporations, limited liability organizations, or other group entities.
  6. We are a post-ideological values-based meritocracy. We place all options on the table. We choose a specific approach because the available evidence shows that it is the best way to promote our values. We do not make decisions based merely on tradition, popularity, authority or political expediency.
  7. We are egalitarian. We believe in equality and a level playing field. We accept input from all sources, and we value all people equally.
  8. We actively practice these values. We hold ourselves accountable for our own adherence to these principles.

From Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party:

1. Privacy of Correspondence, Identity, Data, Location, Financials, Body and Territory.
2. Transparency. Everyone should be able to hold government, politicians, and authorities accountable for their actions.
3. T.I.C.K.S. Tools, Ideas, Knowledge, Culture, Sentiments should be freely exchanged.
4. Humanism. Regardless of conditions at birth, everyone has the same rights.
5. Diversity. Polyculture in all aspects of society - technical, educational, creative.
6. Resilience. No single points of failure that can be hijacked. Decentralization and Sustainability.
7. Swarm Economy. Citizens, not corporations, make the economy. Volunteer work is valued.
8. Quality Legislation. All laws are Necissary, Proporationate, Effective, and Based on Evidence.

From the Pirate Party of the United Kingdom:

1. Our society is built upon the sharing of knowledge, ideas and culture. It is furthered by freedom of thought and expression, and protected by the rule of law. The Pirate Party exists to ensure the preservation and development of these foundations.
2. Human dignity is inviolable. Each of us has a right to life and to live, to freedom of thought and self determination, and to participate in society.
3. Everyone is equal under the law. We all have a say in the structure and processes of governance and the right to know what is done on our behalf.
4. Respect for our private and family life by government and society is fundamental and we all have freedom of choice in our associations and relationships.
5. To be free to participate in society everyone must have access to justice, education and such services and infrastructure required for life within it.
6. To ensure the security of our society it is the responsibility of the government to provide for its defence, the mechanisms of justice and such services and infrastructure required to meet its needs.
7. We will act on the basis of evidence, with the consent of society through democracy, in the interests of all.