Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Move toward a Citizens Income (“Mincome”)

Canada had a minimum income (“mincome”) program, it was highly successful until a new government came in and shut it down. We want to revive the mincome program, and implement it on a national level.

Instead of bailing out banks, and channelling money through them to increase spending in the economy, help needs to get directly to those who are creating new ideas and new jobs. However, it is not just a question of creating any old jobs; the focus of our economy should be jobs with a living wage. A vast number of people in Canada are paid less than what is required to live above poverty levels in their area. These people then need government support, essentially providing a subsidy for employers.

We would lift these people out of the poverty trap, firstly by ensuring that the minimum wage is a living wage wherever you live in Canada, and secondly by unifying and simplifying the benefits system with the eventual aim of implementing a Citizens Income for all Canadian citizens.

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