Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Support Those Who Expose Wrongdoing

The Pirate Party has shown its commitment to whistleblowers by being the only party to actively and consistently support Wikileaks. We will stand up for the rights of any whistle blower.

We recognize the value of whistleblowers to society and we will defend the right of citizens to expose illegal practices in the workplace and elsewhere. We will introduce stronger protections for whistleblowers. Exposing corrupt or illegal activities must take precedence over contract law and copyright law, and no-one should fear persecution for making the public aware of a breach of the law.

The following policies have been approved by the Political Council and will be sent to the membership to be voted on:

-Whistleblowers will not be held liable for breaking non-disclosure agreements or state secret laws if the information leaked implies wrong-doing.


-Whistleblowers can, however, be punished for leaking information of a personal nature (such as medical records) or state secrets that do not show provable wrong-doing.


-We will establish a standing committee to monitor the treatment of whistleblowers for five years after the event in question for signs of mistreatment or professional harrassment.


-The standing committee will report annually to Parliament on the treatment of whistleblowers and to make recommendations on how to better protect them from reprisal.


-The standing committee will have the power to compell witnesses to appear before it.


-The standing committee will remain in regular contact with whistleblowers to address any concerns they may have.


-The standing committee will have the power to protect whistleblowers, witnesses, and their identities.


-If the government department tries to fire a whistleblower they must make their case to the standing committee who will have the power to over-rule the department in question.

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