Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Investing in Alternative Clean Energy Sources

Power generation will be a major issue facing Canada in the coming decade. The next government will have to get an effective and environmentally sound policy to deal with increasing generation capacity. We believe that the focus should be on renewable energy (such as offshore wind and tidal power generation) as well as investigating and developing new technologies, including nuclear, and continuing to improve the effectiveness of existing ones (e.g. Improving solar cells efficiency, nuclear waste minimization technology, improved energy storage technology, etc).

We will need energy for the shift to electric vehicle use and the move away from reliance on fossil fuels. We will encourage all provinces to invest in alternative energy, including encouraging Alberta to use it’s oil revenue for research and infrastructure in this field. Alberta’s investment in clean energy will not harm its economy but will instead provide contingency for the next oil bust and fall in demand. This will position Alberta and the rest of Canada to lead the world on the new energy front.

Provide tax break for purchase of electric vehicle that are approved for highway use and have minimum of 100 km mileage under average outdoor temperature. By making electric vehicle affordable, we would increase sales and drive down production cost. To mitigate for lost of income from fuel tax, we will organize national brainstorming for alternative revenue sources for infrastructure. This could include infrastructure bonds or other innovative and new funding ideas.

We will offer incentives or tax breaks for homes that are energy self-sufficient.

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