Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Protect Canadians from Warfare Against Computer Systems

Canadian computing infrastructure is potentially vulnerable to backdoor attacks, both by hostile states and possibly by non-state actors such as terrorist groups or private corporations. We would argue that the threat is both large and increasing, and hard to counter. To ensure that Canada is as ready to deal with any concerted attacks on its infrastructure and information systems it is critical that there is funding for research into the threats we face and how to counter them.

We support the development of an offensive cyber-warfare capability to ensure that we are capable of operating effectively in the event of a conflict. Given the grave threat that the abuse or misuse of an offensive cyberwarfare capability, including our own, might pose to Canada, we will ensure that there is full transparency of the principles employed in both offensive and defensive cyber-warfare capabilities and spending. We will ensure that there is legislation to prevent the use of military cyber-warfare related equipment or techniques by the government within Canada or against Canadians nationals overseas.

When governments engage in Stasi-style NSA total-survellance tactics it puts their citizens at risk of foreign surveillance. Even if the government is using their records responsibly to combat legitimate security threats, the risk of their records being intercepted by foreign national governments or private interests is real and dangerous. In all military efforts protecting citizens should be priority.

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