Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Strengthening the Moral Rights of Authors

While the economic aspects of copyright is widely recognized to be damaging, the rights of an author to the attribution and integrity of their work are not. We will strengthen these rights and separate them from the economic considerations of copyright.

The following policies have been approved by the Political Council and will be sent to the membership to be voted on:

-An artist has the right to have their work attributed to them when used by another where it is reasonable to do so unless this right is waived by the artist.


-An artist has the right not to be associated with beliefs they find offensive through third party use of their work. A third party may be required, at the request of the artist, to include a disclaimer dissociating the artist from the third party using their work.


-The moral rights of an artist last for the lifetime of an artist. These rights may not be transferred to another but they may be permanently renounced if the artist chooses to do so.


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