Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making

Establish Compulsory Licences for all Copyright and Patents

The following policies have been approved by the Political Council and will be sent to the membership to be voted on:

-We will establish a system of automatic licences for copyright and patents. Innovators will be able to pay a flat fee for the right to use works of intellectual property held by another. This is similar to the provisions made for ‘cover songs’ in the music industry.


-As the intellectual property holders will not be able to reject an automatic licence request we will set the royalties received from sales of products using their intellectual property at a level above the market rate as a means of compensation.


-Licence fees for intellectual property whose owner is not known (known as ‘orphaned works’ in copyright) will be paid to the government. The government will hold onto the payment until the intellectual property holder is identified.

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