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Mikkel Paulson
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« le: Juin 03, 2010, 02:10:59 »

This thread was originally posted by CraigNobbs on May 27, 2022 at 9:38 PM and seconded by Mikkel Paulson on May 27, 2022 at 10:43 PM.

Name:  Craig Nobbs
Province:  British Columbia
Riding: Langley

Party Involvement:
I regularly attend the local PPoC meetings and am very active within the PPoC forums.  I am currently a part of the ACTA watch group for the PPoC.  I certainly wish to be more active in the PPoC as a whole although my day job and family keep me busy.  If I ran for and won a seat for the PPoC, I would certainly make it the full time job that would be required.

Political Experience:
My actual political experience only consists of the one term that I unsuccessfully ran for a councilor seat for the Township of Langley municipality.  I certainly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot as to what was involved in running.  On a humorous note, I used to be good neighbours to the current Mayor of the City of Langley.

Conflicts of Interest:
I do not believe that I am in conflict of interest in any area.  I am not part of any other organizations.

Community Involvement:
I am not involved in my local community by way of volunteering or active in any sort of public forum.  However, several years back I did unsuccessfully run for a council seat in my municipal election.  I cannot say that I know a lot of people that are available to help, although I am certain that I would have at least a few people that would help if I needed it.

My background is what I would consider mostly typical as a person growing up in Langley.  I have been able to see both sides of the "corporate vs. worker" debate.  I would say that I have several people who I surround myself with that helps me see both sides of that debate which means that I sit near the middle of many topics of interest to the community.  I believe that my ability to talk openly, honestly, and logically would make me of particular interest to many people.

I also stay abridged of a lot of local news, mostly related to the Langley's and the current news that affects them.  I do keep tabs on the neighbouring municipalities, however, not nearly as much as I do for the Langley's.

I'm going to summarize most of these as there are a lot of "hot button" issues.  Feel free to ask for clarification.

Copyright Reform:  I believe copyright should be limited in its length.  Personally, I'm of the sound mind that it should be 25-35 years from date of initial publishing/release for audio, written, photographic, and painted works.  The copyright protection would cover reproduction for commercial gain prohibitions, however, copies for educational and backup purposes, etc. would be allowed with little restriction and in certain cases, no restriction.

Trademark Reform:  Clearly trademarks are out of hand when a company can trademark a colour, a letter, single common and quasi-common words, common used phrases, etc.  The existing system is broken and needs to be changed.

Patent Reform:  Computer software, natural occurring plants/vitamins/etc., anything related to human genome/DNA, all derivatives of the aforementioned, and everything that is within a relaxed reason to improve upon an existing patent should not be able to be patented.

Health care:  I believe that allowing a very limited amount of privatized day surgery and diagnostic clinics would allow the health care system be able to offload a minor amount of patient care to those willing to pay for the costs.  I do not believe that it should be subsidized in any fashion nor be given any public money for operations.  I do believe that in cases where having a patient wait could cause further harm or elevated risk of death, then a doctor could, (accompanied with a second opinion) have a patient referred to a private clinic, paid for by medicare and being transparent to the patient. It would be predetermined that the fee paid to the private clinic be inline with the costs of doing the same procedure in the public facility.

I also believe that there is so much wanton waste in the medical system, that there needs to be more accountability from the staffing in hospitals along with (more) random audits of doctors practices to ensure that billing fraud is kept to a minimum.

Marijuana:  I will emphatically state that I have never, not even once smoked a joint, taken a hit, etc.  In spite of this, I am an avid supporter of removing all Marijuana from the law books.  Not only do I think that it should be legal for anyone to consume it, I don't believe that the government has any right to tax it either.  There is one exception to this; it should be illegal to operate machinery while under the influence, in which case, I believe that this would be added to the Motor Vehicle Act, in a similar manner to that of alcohol.  Of course, there would have to be a noninvasive (as in not drawing blood) way to test drivers for this.

In consideration of the non-smoking population, I would support applying the same nonsmoking laws as cigarettes currently have, both in area restriction and age limitation.  If a tax were to be pushed through against my position, then I would fight for all taxes coming from marijuana to be split 90/10 for health care and education.  The education would be to inform people that there were some side effects of marijuana and that starting before the age of 18 has shown to stunt brain development.

Privacy:  I am a strong proponent of privacy of individuals.  I do not support that same level of privacy for corporations although, corporations should have a right to privacy so long as health, safety, and security are not affected greatly by that companies right to privacy.  I believe that all aspects of the government should be open, except in RARE case where certain information would hurt the sovereignty or safety of Canada and/or its Citizens.  I believe that everything related to the government should be open and freely available and not just by request or FOIs, but having the most prevalent information proactively published and available.

Government Systems:  This is certainly not a hot topic for the vast majority of Canadians, however it is something that I believe that is important.  I believe that all branches of the government should use an open source operating system such as Linux.  Also and equally important is that as a way to thank those who have brought said open source software, that several full time position programmers should be hired to contribute to the open source community.

Gay and Lesbian Rights:  I personally do not agree with a persons choice to be homosexual, however, I see that when two people feel for each other the way that a traditional couple feel ( as in "in love" ), then I find myself thinking that they have the right to seek their happiness in the manner that they choose.  While I would probably slit hairs over the term used, essentially, a civil union or marriage shouldn't be denied.

More to that, when I hear of stories where a homosexual partner is denied access to a dieing loved one, or being denied access to children, it sickens me that the government would rather take the kids away from the surviving parent solely based upon the gender of the parent.

Even though my personal beliefs are at odds with the homosexual lifestyle, I find that I am at odds with my beliefs as I take into consideration compassion for my fellow human being.

Note:  I am NOT in the same riding as Jake Daynes.

If anyone would like to know my stance on any subject, I am more than happy to voice it.  There are so many different topics to choose from, that I picked the ones that I believed are the most prevalent these days.


Mikkel Paulson
Candidate nominee
PPCA Representative

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« Répondre #1 le: Juin 03, 2010, 05:29:20 »

The following replies were made on the old forum:

Citation de: Mikkel

Citation de: DGChristiensen
I doubt that sexual orientation is a choice, but agree about compassion and their rights. I think Marijuana should be legal, controlled and taxed. Other than that...


(PS - I live in North Surrey, a 20 minute drive from Langley. Please let me know if you would like a volunteer.)

Citation de: astupidmoose
Good to see some local representation!

I'm from Cloverdale and would be happy to help out with anything you need. I have been heavily involved in fighting bill C-61 and the Canadian DMCA since they tried the first round.

If you ever need anything feel free to email me - [email protected]

Citation de: Thomas
I don't like this private health care business

Citation de: snoyes
Craig I will be moving back to Langley at the end of August. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want a hand. I am a graphic designer/photographer by trade.

Stirling Noyes
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« Répondre #2 le: Juin 08, 2010, 07:01:21 »

Very nice platform... and a good Candidate

Now for the questions.

Copyright Reform: Is there a reason for 25-35 year term suggested. A majority of the party is in agreement that 10-20 years seems most reasonable although any shortening from Life+50 would be desirable.

Trademark Reform: You realize that trademarks have to have multiple aspects to them. An example is Apple Computer... With their apple as a logo (both old school rainbow and the new versions) pertains as a trademark to Electronics and Computing devices. If apple were to try and use their logo for say branding say a fruit vendor or something then started suing other vendors who sold apples as violating trademark law they'd be laughed out of court. It usually takes a combination of a logo/color/wording to really make a trademark if you look closely. I mean Coca-Cola has red/white coloring and their stuff... but Dr. Pepper has the same red/white coloring but it's a differnt trademark. Err in short can you provide any examples of Trademark Law abuse such as trademarking the color red?

I also appreciate your view on Gay and Lesbian rights. I'm not gay myself but I know some people who are. That said if you are campaigning I'd avoid connecting 'choice' with 'homosexual' as a majority of those voters do not necessarily view it as a choice. Anyone who is able to reconcile conflicting beliefs as respectably as you do being able to dislike something while letting compassion take precedence takes strong morals and character to be capable of doing.

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
-James Madison
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