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« le: Juin 06, 2010, 08:27:29 »

Currently, we have a number of standing committees, most of which don't do a whole lot. They are created for a specific purpose, which may or may not be of particular importance at the time.

Therefore, I suggest we consider striking some select committees instead. They are temporary committees used in Parliament that are given a particular subject to investigate in detail, after which they report their findings back to Parliament to be voted on. I think some of the standing committees we have started, like the Constitutional Refinement and Platform Information committees, are of limited scope and time-sensitive, and would have been better created as select committees.


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« Répondre #1 le: Juin 07, 2010, 01:23:59 »

Agreed.  Task, or purpose, based committees seems logical and significantly more organized.

Well, perhaps organization is the wrong term.  Less clutter.  Separate wheat from the chaff.

Or my personal favourite, a higher signal to noise ration.  :-)

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