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  • September 25

    Captain’s Launch!

    Hello everybody! Today marks the launch of the PPCA’s Creative Commons torrent tracker. We have launched this as a way way of showing the wor... read more »

  • September 18

    Form Issues

    So we’ve had a bit of a mix-up with the Elections Canada forms. The one we were filling out was a form for membership in an existing party, t... read more »

  • September 1

    UPDATED - Support Musicians United Against Censorship

    MUAC has a petition set up online, sign on the page below! Petition! The Pirate Party of Canada is proud to support Musicians United Against Censor... read more »

  • August 26

    Free Membership!

    The Pirate Party of Canada is now offering free membership to all who wish to join. If you would like to sign up, go to our signup page here. read more »

  • July 30

    Another Status Update

    JSagert here. We’re slowly getting a French version of the site and graphics created. So just hang tight while the final touches are made to ... read more »

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  • @nview At the moment, the PPoC is looking for members that are interested & able to run to run on their own accord, no word on N-Q W. yet! # 22 mins ago

  • Also, thank-you back to all of you folks who are sending the love on the 1k member announcement! We can't do it without you! -Zblewski/MikeB # 58 mins ago

  • Montreal, there will be a social gathering at Café Chaos (2031 St-Denis). It will be at 7PM on October 4th. Meet the team, have a good time! # 1 hour ago

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