Pirate Party of Canada Evidence Based Policy Making


Everytime we get a new leader, new council members, new IT volunteers… everyone always wants to add to the services we offer, they want to show their own skills and their own taste and make our parties offering even better than before. What that has mainly lead to is a bunch of half completed projects, degraded services, extra expenses and generally no benefit to the party. So as one of my first big acts as leader of the Pirate Party of Canada is to roll back a lot of the things we have done and bring us to a more simple structure.

No more forums, no more heavy and overly complex CRM, no more Ryver, no more PiratePad, no more Pirate Linux, no more wordpress, no more $115 per month dedicated server, no more self hosted IRC (you can still connect to irc.pirateparty.ca it will just connect you to another Pirate Party’s server), no more any of that. Our blog will now be hosted on github, all of our changes can be tracked at Github and membership will be managed with https://sso.pirateparty.ca.

Some people might not like these changes, but I think every once in a while we need to just start fresh. I think this is the time to do it. Our party should be focused on advocating policy and rallying our members and not spending time and energy (we don’t have) on maintaining our own version of a live-editable pastebin. Going forward our energy is going to be spent on outreach to you, our members, and to the public in general. We are talking about important topics, and it’s time we start getting that message out there.

Thank you for your support, I am sorry if you are losing a service that you have been using, and fair winds.

– Travis McCrea

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