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  • Federal Council meeting: octobre 14, 2010
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Mikkel Paulson
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Matters discussed at the meeting were as follows:

• Daniel LaSalle's continued capacity in the position of Director-at-Large
• Winnipeg North by-election

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21:51:08 Daniel LaSalle: as i was mentionning to Mikkel, i'm second guessing my position as director at large and i wish to step back off it
21:51:39 Daniel LaSalle: most because i think we've shifted gear and due to several changes in my life lately i don't feel that i'm the best candidate, time wise
21:52:03 Daniel LaSalle: furthermore the last thing i'd want to do is prevent an up and coming, hungry, person from representing us
21:52:06 Mike Bleskie: I think it's shown, and I don't show any hostility to such an idea.
21:52:34 Daniel LaSalle: i'm really sorry that i can't pick things up better than i do but i think that if i can make it up to all of our regular meetings that's part of my objectives
21:52:48 Daniel LaSalle: also, i'd like to still help w/ the translations and stay as an active member
21:53:03 Daniel LaSalle: i might come up w/ something else down the road, but i'm definately not leaving the Party
21:53:04 Mikkel Paulson: really, anything that you're able to contribute is more than welcome
21:53:24 Daniel LaSalle: i still have tshirts that i'll sell and help promote for sure
21:53:25 Mikkel Paulson: as I mentioned earlier, you're not being paid for this, so there's only so much we can legitimately ask of you
21:53:34 Mike Bleskie: Exactly
21:53:39 Daniel LaSalle: i've also had a major boost in career lately
21:53:44 Mikkel Paulson: you have to take care of your own life, and if this is getting too much in the way of that
21:53:46 Daniel LaSalle: and i'm very much lacking time/energy
21:53:47 Daniel LaSalle: anyhow
21:53:52 Daniel LaSalle: thanks for the understand, fellows
21:53:52 Mike Bleskie: Well, career comes first
21:53:56 Mike Bleskie: Indeed
21:54:04 Daniel LaSalle: per said, i'll hold the title up to whenever you feel you have found the right person for it
21:54:15 Daniel LaSalle: and will do my best, but don't expect any fireworks, i guess i'm too old now :~
21:54:18 Mike Bleskie: We will discuss this with the other two, then announce a by-election?
21:54:26 Mikkel Paulson: well, the constitution specifies that we have a by-election
21:54:28 Daniel LaSalle: sure
21:54:54 Daniel LaSalle: i'm a team player, so i'll do whatever's needed until then
21:54:54 Mikkel Paulson: it also says that you have to resign first rather than remaining in the position until the election concludes, but I'll consult with coppro to see if there's a way to handle that
21:55:02 Daniel LaSalle: fair enough
21:55:10 Daniel LaSalle: keep me informed
21:55:14 Daniel LaSalle: i'll polish something up
21:55:27 Mike Bleskie: silly
21:55:33 Mike Bleskie: you're not polish, you're french
21:55:36 Daniel LaSalle: hehehe
21:55:43 Daniel LaSalle: AKA canadian
21:55:47 Mikkel Paulson: if we decide to contest the upcoming by-election (the main thing I wanted to discuss at this meeting), would you stay on until that concludes?
21:55:55 Daniel LaSalle: sure
21:56:03 Mikkel Paulson: I'd rather not have any internal upsets until that's done with
21:56:16 Mikkel Paulson: enough to keep an eye on
21:56:17 Daniel LaSalle: the last thing i'd want to do is create a commotion
21:56:32 Daniel LaSalle: i also haven't told that to anybody else but you 3
21:56:37 Daniel LaSalle: *looks @ coppro*
21:56:44 Mikkel Paulson: well, seeing as this is a public meeting, you have now
21:56:52 Daniel LaSalle: *nods*
21:57:04 Daniel LaSalle: so that's tonight's drama
21:57:53 Daniel LaSalle: at this point if there isn't anything else of matter, i'll go pass out
21:57:58 Mikkel Paulson: well
21:58:07 Mikkel Paulson: I would like to discuss Winnipeg a bit if that's all right
21:58:12 Daniel LaSalle: sure
21:58:16 Mikkel Paulson: I think we'll need Stephane at least to be around to make a final decision on this
21:58:35 Mikkel Paulson: I've been running it around in my head
21:58:48 Mikkel Paulson: and the only way I can think of to make anything happen there is for me to fly out there
21:58:58 Daniel LaSalle: i think so too
21:59:01 Mike Bleskie: and that's expensive
21:59:06 Mikkel Paulson: about $500
21:59:08 Daniel LaSalle: and we'd need journalism involved
21:59:16 Daniel LaSalle: press conference maybe?
21:59:18 Mike Bleskie: it's just impractical
21:59:34 Mikkel Paulson: we've earmarked $1000 for our target ridings, so it wouldn't be wholly out of line if we had a huge chance
21:59:43 Mikkel Paulson: obviously, it's not an ideal riding
21:59:49 Daniel LaSalle: or i can search for the online community of winnipeg and we can see if we can work w/ that
22:00:03 Mikkel Paulson: but being able to issue tax receipts does open us up to additional revenue sources, particularly large donations
22:00:07 Daniel LaSalle: but at this point the real matter is having a candidate running
22:00:10 Daniel LaSalle: to become official
22:00:13 Mikkel Paulson: yeah
22:00:14 Daniel LaSalle: yes, exactly
22:00:18 Mikkel Paulson: as far as I can see, the only matter here is a financial one
22:00:23 Daniel LaSalle: the Party needs to issue receipts
22:00:33 Daniel LaSalle: you make $ w/ $ however
22:00:40 Daniel LaSalle: we can't always sit on it also
22:00:42 Mikkel Paulson: will the $500 investment lead to a boost to the party's revenue > $500?
22:00:54 Daniel LaSalle: but we can't afford to just spend it w/out any true certitudes
22:00:59 Mikkel Paulson: of course, it would be nice to introduce ourselves as a bona fide party and all of that jazz
22:01:00 Daniel LaSalle: no but it will make it official
22:01:13 Daniel LaSalle: Stephane once said we had received a 800$ donation but couldn't take it cuz of receipts
22:01:23 Daniel LaSalle: so theoricaly, we can/should afford that 500$
22:01:26 Daniel LaSalle: or whatever
22:01:31 Mikkel Paulson: I think we've had a few other large ones
22:01:47 Daniel LaSalle: i think that if it would cost all of our money, i would ok using it to become official
22:01:58 Daniel LaSalle: at this point that should be the prime target i think
22:02:08 Mikkel Paulson: last I heard I think we had about $3000 in the bank
22:02:14 Daniel LaSalle: nice
22:02:45 Daniel LaSalle: i was told the key for holding a successful press conference was luring the journalists w/ free food
22:02:48 Daniel LaSalle: here in QC at least
22:02:49 Mikkel Paulson: zblewski: anything to add?
22:03:01 Mikkel Paulson: dls: you got that from the Rhino Party rep didn't you?
22:03:03 Daniel LaSalle: imagine if we also add a couple of sodas
22:03:07 Daniel LaSalle: ya
22:03:09 Mike Bleskie: Quite frankly, it's been impractical from the start
22:03:47 Mike Bleskie: Unless Steph really thinks it would be best financially to do such a thing, I would say scrap Winnipeg.
22:04:21 Mike Bleskie: Also, I will be buying munchies for the Ottawa meeting, since it's not at a cafe/pub
22:04:40 Daniel LaSalle: cool stuff
22:04:40 Mike Bleskie: and will put it on the PPCA tab =P
22:04:43 Daniel LaSalle: when is that hosted?
22:04:57 Mike Bleskie: I've set a tenative date for Nov 6
22:05:06 Daniel LaSalle: how's the response like for now?
22:05:09 Mike Bleskie: I'm about to rent a room at UOttawa
22:05:17 Daniel LaSalle: nice
22:05:22 Daniel LaSalle: got banners?
22:05:27 Mike Bleskie: No
22:05:28 Daniel LaSalle: i think we should use the other parties material
22:05:44 Daniel LaSalle: i wouldn't have any links handy atm, but i've esp seen PPUK active releasing them
22:05:53 Mikkel Paulson: regarding my proposal to coordinate operations with other Canadian parties
22:05:55 Mike Bleskie: I fashioned myself a nice PPCA shirt to go along with the  PPCA shirt I plan to order from Nui
22:06:15 Mikkel Paulson: I still think it's a good idea
22:06:19 Mikkel Paulson: but I think we should wait until we have our internal affairs in better order
22:06:30 Daniel LaSalle: yes and actually be registered
22:06:35 Mikkel Paulson: that'd help too
22:06:37 Mike Bleskie: And I agree, though I think initial contact would be okay.
22:06:59 Mike Bleskie: start early dialogue
22:07:05 Mikkel Paulson: sure
22:07:13 Mikkel Paulson: nothing wrong with maintaining friendly relations with the other parties
22:07:42 Daniel LaSalle: most def and the political climate requires that nowadays i think
22:07:55 Daniel LaSalle: +federal
22:08:01 Mikkel Paulson: well that's what politics is all about behind the scenes
22:08:03 Mikkel Paulson: it's a universal
22:08:45 Daniel LaSalle: so ya, anything else?
22:08:52 Mikkel Paulson: not really
22:08:54 Daniel LaSalle: sorry but i'm just real tired
22:08:58 Mikkel Paulson: could you make a meeting at the same time tomorrow?
22:09:06 Daniel LaSalle: doubtful
22:09:07 Daniel LaSalle: but i can try
22:09:21 Daniel LaSalle: i'd say 50/50
22:09:25 Mike Bleskie: I think so
22:09:27 Mikkel Paulson: I'd like to put the Winnipeg matter to a vote and let it rest
22:09:34 Mike Bleskie: Sure.
22:09:35 Daniel LaSalle: or email ?
22:09:40 Daniel LaSalle: since it's only for directors to decide
22:09:46 Mikkel Paulson: want to cast your vote in advance in case, Dan?
22:09:50 Daniel LaSalle: and it could probably be solved by tomorrow morning
22:09:54 Daniel LaSalle: sure
22:10:02 Daniel LaSalle: i think you already know where i stand
22:10:08 Mike Bleskie: I don't
22:10:11 Mike Bleskie: =P
22:10:13 Daniel LaSalle: hehe
22:10:13 Mikkel Paulson: yeah, you sorta argued both ways
22:10:17 Daniel LaSalle: but hold a sec
22:10:25 Mikkel Paulson: although I realize that a large part of the question remains up in the air at this point
22:10:27 Daniel LaSalle: whom would you be meeting @ Winnipeg?
22:10:31 Daniel LaSalle: indeed...
22:10:37 Daniel LaSalle: at first glance, the idea is good
22:10:48 Daniel LaSalle: but it needs more depth formulated before i can really make up my mind
22:10:54 Mikkel Paulson: well, once I have dates set, I'd arrange a meeting of local members like Mike has done in Ottawa
22:10:55 Daniel LaSalle: therefore i wouldn't vote right now, indeed
22:11:03 Daniel LaSalle: cool
22:11:10 Mikkel Paulson: hopefully get 10-15 people out and a significant subset of them to come door-knocking with me
22:11:12 Daniel LaSalle: if you could drop one interview at least
22:11:16 Daniel LaSalle: zine or something
22:11:22 Mikkel Paulson: sure, why not
22:11:23 Daniel LaSalle: i'll see if i can dig anything up on winnipeg tomorrow
22:11:34 Daniel LaSalle: and try to get in touch w/ someone
22:11:46 Mikkel Paulson: fire off some publicity to the local press that the Pirate Party is running its first candidate outside of Europe in their backyard
22:11:48 Daniel LaSalle: how about mass mailing?
22:11:58 Mikkel Paulson: phone has a greater response rate
22:12:01 Daniel LaSalle: "PPCA Leader coming to Winnipeg, can you help?"
22:12:02 Daniel LaSalle: or something
22:12:04 Daniel LaSalle: ok, sure
22:12:18 Mikkel Paulson: all we need, all we can hope for, is the 100 signatures needed to nominate a candidate
22:12:21 Mikkel Paulson: which I have no doubt we can get
22:13:12 Daniel LaSalle: amen
22:13:42 Daniel LaSalle: so tentatively, tomorrow @ 21h30 eastern
22:13:46 Daniel LaSalle: ?
22:13:55 Mikkel Paulson: definitely then
22:13:59 Daniel LaSalle: cheers
22:15:00 Mike Bleskie: Okies.
22:15:14 Mikkel Paulson: well then
22:15:18 Mikkel Paulson: the meeting stands adjourned
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