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  • Federal Council meeting: octobre 21, 2010
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There was a Federal Council meeting last night. Here are the minutes.


DLS (left early, 22:26)
Nuitari (late 22:25)

21:30 MikkelPaulson called the meeting to order.
21:33 MikkelPaulson opened discussion of DLS' official resignation
21:35  [DLS] "... official tonight is my resignation as director"
21:36 Vote on acceptance of Daniel LaSalle as interim director
            MikkelPaulson: Yay
            JakeDaynes: Yay
            Zblewski: Yay
            Vote passed. Appointment accepted.
21:42 MikkelPaulson opened discussion of Winnipeg North by-election
22:34 MikkelPaulson closed the meeting.

Citation de: Transcript
[21:30] <~MikkelPaulson> I'll call the meeting to order, then
[21:30] <+DLS> re
[21:30] <~MikkelPaulson> ah fantastic timing
[21:30] <+JakeDaynes> ok
[21:30] <+DLS> MikkelPaulson: and thanks for the texto, it was a life saver for me
[21:30] <~MikkelPaulson> no prob
[21:30] <~MikkelPaulson> should I send those in future?
[21:30] <+DLS> second
[21:31] <+DLS> +ed
[21:31] <~MikkelPaulson> I have unlimited long-distance texts, so it's no problem
[21:31] <+JakeDaynes> sure
[21:31] <~MikkelPaulson> okay, always nice to have a decent showing at the council, although I haven't heard from Stephane all day
[21:31] <+DLS> i had to pour myself a vodka+7up to celebrate all 4 directors beeing around
[21:31] <+DLS> ya
[21:31] * +DLS slaps Nuitari around a bit with a large trout
[21:32] <~MikkelPaulson> well, you can't drink it just yet I think
[21:32] <+DLS> at this hour, yes i can
[21:32] <~MikkelPaulson> you're a Montrealer, you can drink it anytime you want
[21:32] <+DLS> \m/
[21:32] <+DLS> françççais, s'tie
[21:32] <+DLS> etc
[21:33] <~MikkelPaulson> prettymuch
[21:33] <+DLS> so what's the agenda?
[21:33] <+DLS> your presence in winnipeg, i'm sure
[21:33] <~MikkelPaulson> of course
[21:33] <+DLS> an update on biz cards since Mr D is in da houze
[21:33] <~MikkelPaulson> first deal, though: are you planning to announce your resignation anytime soon?
[21:34] <~MikkelPaulson> I'd rather not draw things out any more if you're still planning to go through it
[21:34] <~MikkelPaulson> *with it
[21:34] <+DLS> well that depends if you think somebody else can do the job better
[21:34] <+DLS> and as to when, it's also a matter of you deciding as we've brought up several ideas already
[21:34] <+DLS> as far as my commitments, i've thoughed about it, and i want to handle the fr side, at most
[21:35] <~MikkelPaulson> actually I think the consensus we reached was that it'd be better to just do it and get it over with
[21:35] <+DLS> sure then
[21:35] <+DLS> so in that case, official tonight is my resignation as director
[21:35] <+DLS> .
[21:35] <+DLS> i'll have something posted in the forum tomorrow
[21:35] <~MikkelPaulson> understood
[21:35] <+DLS> and you guys make it rock.
[21:36] <+DLS> pls
[21:36] <~MikkelPaulson> I move to appoint Daniel LaSalle as interim Director-at-Large until such a time as a replacement can be elected
[21:36] <+JakeDaynes> Seconded
[21:36] <+DLS> seconded
[21:36] <~MikkelPaulson> since you just resigned I don't think you can vote in this one Dan
[21:36] <+JakeDaynes> I don't know if you can second that Tongue
[21:36] <~MikkelPaulson> I vote yes obviously
[21:36] <+DLS> well, for the records Smiley
[21:36] <~MikkelPaulson> Zblewski? Nuitari?
[21:37] <+DLS> 60 secs
[21:37] <+JakeDaynes> bbi 2min
[21:37] <+DLS> as we don't have all night
[21:37] <~MikkelPaulson> well, some of us don't Wink
[21:37] <+DLS> ya, esp i
[21:38] <+DLS> but i have this feeling we'll still be around @ 22h
[21:38] <~MikkelPaulson> probably adjourn at 22h30 or so
[21:39] <+JakeDaynes> back
[21:39] <~MikkelPaulson> we can blame Jake
[21:39] <+DLS> woot!
[21:39] <+DLS> nah
[21:39] <+DLS> BC > AB
[21:39] <+DLS> :~
[21:39] <+JakeDaynes> Nope. *Inbeforeblamingme*
[21:39] <~MikkelPaulson> damn.
[21:39] <~MikkelPaulson> I guess we'll continue with business until Mike or Stephane can come along and cast a vote
[21:40] <+DLS> fair enough
[21:40] <~MikkelPaulson> we should have at least 3 votes
[21:40] <+JakeDaynes> ok
[21:40] <~MikkelPaulson> Dan, how much time WILL you have in the immediate to pitch in with the by-election?
[21:40] <~MikkelPaulson> any time you could possibly spare would be awesome
[21:40] <+DLS> i'll still try my best
[21:41] <~MikkelPaulson> well, that's all we can ask
[21:41] <+DLS> i've been getting awesome feedbacks all around mtl
[21:41] <+Zblewski> Sorry about that
[21:41] <~MikkelPaulson> no worries
[21:41] <~MikkelPaulson> did you see the motion?
[21:41] <+Zblewski> I was called to other affairs
[21:41] <+Zblewski> I have
[21:41] <+Zblewski> And I support it
[21:41] <~MikkelPaulson> okay, I declare the motion passed
[21:41] <~MikkelPaulson> now you're a real boy again
[21:41] * +DLS *cheers*
[21:42] <+DLS> not yet have i fallen back to the rank of mere member
[21:42] <+DLS> so what's next?
[21:42] <~MikkelPaulson> Mike, Jake, could you guys please send out a press release to all of the Winnipeg newspapers you can find?
[21:42] <+JakeDaynes> On?
[21:42] <+JakeDaynes> Daniel?
[21:42] <~MikkelPaulson> me
[21:42] <+JakeDaynes> ok
[21:42] <+JakeDaynes> figured
[21:43] <~MikkelPaulson> we need to say that the first Pirate Party candidate outside of Europe will be running in their very city
[21:43] <~MikkelPaulson> and that I'll be available for daytime interviews Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
[21:43] * +DLS slaps JakeDaynes around a bit with a large trout
[21:43] <+DLS> we're inputting 1300$ in this
[21:43] <+JakeDaynes> Alright
[21:43] <+DLS> so we need something that shines
[21:43] <+Zblewski> Sure
[21:43] <+JakeDaynes> Sounds good, Mike, I'll start a pad
[21:43] <~MikkelPaulson> if we can get this out tonight it'd be really great, since they're no doubt already drafting their articles on the by-election in anticipation of the drop of the writ
[21:44] <~MikkelPaulson> (Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_in_Winnipeg)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_in_Winnipeg
[21:44] <~MikkelPaulson> see if you can build a contact list from that
[21:44] <~MikkelPaulson> we should have the best chance of coverage with the indie papers, so don't forget them
[21:44] <+Zblewski> got it
[21:44] <~MikkelPaulson> thanks guys
[21:45] <~MikkelPaulson> hopefully we'll get a good PR volunteer on Saturday with whom you can coordinate and hopefully make this go a bit more smoothly
[21:45] <~MikkelPaulson> also I'm hoping the writ drops on Monday rather than Wednesday, seeing as I leave Thursday
[21:45] <+JakeDaynes> (Link: http://pr.piratepad.ca/32)http://pr.piratepad.ca/32
[21:46] <~MikkelPaulson> unfortunately, the University of Winnipeg requires $1m liability insurance in order to book a room
[21:46] <+Zblewski> Which, I don't understand
[21:46] <~MikkelPaulson> well they do conferences
[21:46] <~MikkelPaulson> I never reached out to the University of Manitoba, so it's too late for that
[21:47] <+Zblewski> but for a classroom
[21:47] <+DLS> damn
[21:47] <~MikkelPaulson> and the library closes at 5, so since my flight doesn't land until 2 that's out too
[21:47] <+DLS> the local church most probably would go for way cheaper
[21:47] <+DLS> or whatever, the main park of the city given the weather's nice?
[21:47] <~MikkelPaulson> but they may have to clear it with the church's council or something before playing host to a political party
[21:48] <~MikkelPaulson> long story short, we're meeting on the Leg grounds
[21:48] <~MikkelPaulson> sunny and high 10º on Saturday
[21:48] <+DLS> as nice as it can possibly get
[21:48] <~MikkelPaulson> prettymuch
[21:48] <~MikkelPaulson> and better than it has been lately there
[21:48] <~MikkelPaulson> so hopefully people won't mind too much
[21:48] <+DLS> plus it'll be saturday so ppl will be opened minded
[21:48] <~MikkelPaulson> besides, it's nice not to have to pay for the privilege
[21:48] * +DLS nods
[21:49] <+DLS> how much merch you bringing over?
[21:49] <~MikkelPaulson> I have some tshirts left over from the Anarchist Bookfair
[21:49] <~MikkelPaulson> 2 of each size I believe
[21:49] <~MikkelPaulson> so I'll bring those
[21:50] <~MikkelPaulson> and of course I have a stack of bumper stickers, which should be handy for promotions too
[21:50] <+DLS> most def
[21:50] <+DLS> you'll be selling the tees 20$ ?
[21:50] <~MikkelPaulson> yeah
[21:50] <~MikkelPaulson> and I have the membership forms
[21:50] <+DLS> awesome
[21:50] <~MikkelPaulson> in case anyone wants to join
[21:50] <+DLS> is that document handily available?
[21:50] <~MikkelPaulson> Dain and I drew up some forms pre-bookfair
[21:50] <+DLS> i could use it
[21:51] <~MikkelPaulson> yup
[21:51] <~MikkelPaulson> one sec
[21:51] <~MikkelPaulson> odf or pdf?
[21:51] <~MikkelPaulson> *odt
[21:52] <+DLS> pdf?
[21:52] <+DLS> so what's your schedule like?
[21:53] <+DLS> you going to be at where again and for how many days?  how many places?  any addresses that need to get broadcasted?
[21:53] <~MikkelPaulson> form's ostensibly uploading
[21:53] <+DLS> danke
[21:53] <~MikkelPaulson> arriving Saturday afternoon, leaving Thursday afternoon
[21:54] <~MikkelPaulson> I'm planning to solidify a schedule on Saturday, but I'm thinking door-knocking each weeknight, hopefully media interviews during the weekdays
[21:54] <+DLS> do you know where you will be spending all of your days?
[21:54] <~MikkelPaulson> maybe a rally or something on Sunday
[21:54] <+DLS> well, w/out a schedule issuing a text is kinda pointless?
[21:54] <+DLS> it'll just say you're in winnipeg ?
[21:54] <~MikkelPaulson> and available for interviews
[21:54] <~MikkelPaulson> doesn't mean I'm free 24/7
[21:54] <+Zblewski> We can issue follow-ups
[21:55] <~MikkelPaulson> no need, just give contact info for scheduling
[21:55] <+DLS> so add your cell # ?
[21:55] <~MikkelPaulson> probably better just to contact PR
[21:55] <+Zblewski> or say that people can follow Mikkel's actions by following our twitter
[21:55] <+DLS> or the hotline
[21:55] <+DLS> or ya, twitter and facebok
[21:55] <+DLS> +o
[21:55] <~MikkelPaulson> for one thing Winnipeg is outside my roaming area so I'd pay 25¢/min
[21:56] <~MikkelPaulson> Dropbox isn't working right now, I'll send it to you later on
[21:56] <~MikkelPaulson> it's verra nice
[21:56] <~MikkelPaulson> 3 forms per page
[21:56] <~MikkelPaulson> is there anything else I should include?
[21:57] <~MikkelPaulson> ah there we go
[21:57] <~MikkelPaulson> (Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68829/Registration%20form.pdf)http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68829/Registration%20form.pdf
[21:57] <+DLS> awesome, thanks
[21:58] <~MikkelPaulson> no prob
[21:58] <~MikkelPaulson> check with Nuitari before using them after we're registered though
[21:58] <~MikkelPaulson> I think there are extra EC hoops to jump through
[21:58] <+DLS> ok
[21:58] <+DLS> at that point, there'll need to be an official document
[21:58] <+DLS> and, hopefully, somebody who'll be maintaining and pressing official paperwork
[21:59] <~MikkelPaulson> no, at that point we'll need to designate people to take donations
[21:59] <~MikkelPaulson> "contributions"
[22:00] <~MikkelPaulson> so Zblewski, double-check with Ottawa U about their booking requirements
[22:00] <+DLS> per the design guidelines, shouldn't we have something for our internal memos and press releases?
[22:00] <~MikkelPaulson> hopefully they don't have the liability insurance thing too
[22:00] <~MikkelPaulson> yup
[22:01] <+Zblewski> It didn't whenI looked
[22:01] <~MikkelPaulson> I think there are more pressing style guide concerns though
[22:01] <+Zblewski> All it needed was a guarantor if there was damages or witholding of payment
[22:01] <+DLS> so we'll need somebody for that, no $ required?
[22:01] <+DLS> that=doing/maintaining the docs
[22:02] <~MikkelPaulson> well we do have a style guide committee, just nobody in it right now
[22:02] <+DLS> well, since Jake is doing the biz cards, i think it only makes sense if he's part of it
[22:02] <+DLS> and hopefully running it too
[22:02] <~MikkelPaulson> JakeDaynes: you're on top of that?
[22:02] <+DLS> but that's subjective Smiley
[22:03] <+JakeDaynes> Yeah, I'm waiting for an email back from china
[22:03] <+DLS> what's left to do w/ the style guide btw?
[22:03] <~MikkelPaulson> make one
[22:03] <~MikkelPaulson> could you give me something to get printed in Winnipeg?
[22:03] <~MikkelPaulson> even if I just do a thousand or something to give out at doors
[22:03] <+DLS> what kinda text?
[22:03] <~MikkelPaulson> just basic business cards
[22:03] <+DLS> ya
[22:03] <~MikkelPaulson> although I thought a platform outline on the back would be a nice touch
[22:04] <+DLS> but they'd never be ready
[22:04] <~MikkelPaulson> like we have with the membership cards
[22:04] <+DLS> aka printed
[22:04] <~MikkelPaulson> what's the turnaround?
[22:04] <+DLS> we're thursday night and everything's closed i guess?
[22:04] <+DLS> even for western standards
[22:04] <~MikkelPaulson> yeah
[22:04] <~MikkelPaulson> Staples is open until 9 I think
[22:04] <+DLS> plus rush fees?
[22:04] <+DLS> and shipping
[22:04] <~MikkelPaulson> yup
[22:04] <~MikkelPaulson> ah well
[22:04] <+DLS> moving on
[22:05] <+DLS> be sure to have enough stickers
[22:05] <~MikkelPaulson> one major point of all of this is to identify the bits that we need to work on in a general election
[22:05] <+DLS> i'm sure you can win them just w/ them stickers
[22:05] <~MikkelPaulson> I don't have a ton, but I'm bringing all that I have
[22:05] <~MikkelPaulson> stickers don't have my name
[22:05] <+DLS> define "not a ton"
[22:05] <+JakeDaynes> I could mail you a stack
[22:05] <+DLS> an inch thick?
[22:05] <+DLS> and good point Mikkel
[22:05] <~MikkelPaulson> about 50
[22:05] <+JakeDaynes> yeah about that
[22:06] <+JakeDaynes> an inch thick
[22:06] * +DLS slaps Nuitari around a bit with a large trout
[22:06] <+Zblewski> ^_^
[22:06] <~MikkelPaulson> 1/2"
[22:06] <+DLS> send the man stickers!  and fix (Link: http://www.partipirate.ca)www.partipirate.ca
[22:06] <~MikkelPaulson> make that 1/4
[22:06] <+DLS> damn
[22:06] <~MikkelPaulson> too late for all of that anyway
[22:06] <+DLS> i can't conceive our almighty leader running outta gears
[22:06] <+DLS> indeed, at this point it's all might and power
[22:06] <~MikkelPaulson> yup
[22:07] <~MikkelPaulson> we need to have the contribute link front and centre on the front page
[22:07] <~MikkelPaulson> 4 main sections on the front: platform, candidates, contribute, social
[22:08] <~MikkelPaulson> or maybe platform+candidates, join+contribute, with social taking up one whole side
[22:08] <~MikkelPaulson> whatever, enough micromanagement
[22:09] <~MikkelPaulson> what else can you guys do to support my campaign while I'm over there?
[22:09] <+DLS> small changes can do big things
[22:09] <~MikkelPaulson> not there for long, so we have to make it count
[22:09] <+DLS> be active on twitter indeed
[22:09] <~MikkelPaulson> yup
[22:09] <+DLS> and facebook
[22:10] <+DLS> what date will the election be held at?
[22:10] <~MikkelPaulson> my Facebook is mainly friends-only
[22:10] <~MikkelPaulson> won't know until the writ drops
[22:10] <+DLS> so we can't even say if it's this month or not
[22:10] <+DLS> ?
[22:10] <+Zblewski> Exactly
[22:10] <~MikkelPaulson> oh the writ will almost certainly be Monday–Wednesday sometime
[22:11] <~MikkelPaulson> has to be, unless there's a general election coming
[22:11] <+JakeDaynes> brb
[22:11] <~MikkelPaulson> the campaigning period will be at least 5 weeks
[22:11] <+DLS> so watcha think about that
[22:11] <+DLS> First Non-Euro Pirate sails Winnipeg this weekend!
[22:11] <+DLS> The books of federal politics have reached a new page as the Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA) runs its first-ever candidate for the upcoming Winnipeg North parliamentary by-election.
[22:11] <+DLS> Mikkel Paulson will be in Winnipeg starting this saturday Oct 22nd to rally the local Pirates for the upcoming election.
[22:11] <+DLS> Mr. Paulson will be the the first official Pirate running for office outside of the European Union. He will be available to meet during the day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for interviews.
[22:11] <+DLS> Those interested in contacting him can call 1-877-850-PPCA (7722), by following (Link: http://www.twitter.com/piratepartyca)http://www.twitter.com/piratepartyca and/or by staying in touch with the PPCA's Facebook group at (Link: http://www.facebook.com/piratepartyca)http://www.facebook.com/piratepartyca
[22:12] <~MikkelPaulson> bit cheesy…
[22:12] <+Zblewski> hate the headline
[22:12] <+Zblewski> I really do
[22:12] <~MikkelPaulson> yup
[22:12] <~MikkelPaulson> leave it to the media to bring the cheese
[22:12] <+DLS> bah
[22:12] <~MikkelPaulson> no need to provide our own extra helping
[22:13] <+DLS> so Mike, you dry it up, since you're so good at that Tongue
[22:13] <+Zblewski> Velveeta?
[22:13] <~MikkelPaulson> you can also mention my own twitter, (Link: https://twitter.com/mikkelpaulson)https://twitter.com/mikkelpaulson
[22:13] <+Zblewski> which will you use?
[22:13] <+DLS> or Philadelphia?
[22:13] <+DLS> note the https: for twitter
[22:14] <~MikkelPaulson> I don't know, but it sounds pretty damn spreadable to me
[22:14] <+DLS> First ever candidate of the Pirate Party of Canada visiting Winnipeg this weekend!
[22:14] <+DLS> better headline?
[22:14] <~MikkelPaulson> RUNNING IN
[22:15] <+DLS> First ever candidate of the Pirate Party of Canada running in Winnipeg this weekend!
[22:15] <~MikkelPaulson> don't make a big deal of me being a fly-in
[22:15] <~MikkelPaulson> in the by-election
[22:15] <+Zblewski> NEVER
[22:15] <+DLS> just as long as you run, at this point...
[22:15] <+Zblewski> say fly-in
[22:15] <+Zblewski> never ever
[22:15] <+DLS> but given you can rack up 100 votes
[22:15] <+DLS> that'd be sweet
[22:15] <+DLS> tho you wouldn't have that many stickers handy
[22:15] <~MikkelPaulson> 100 signatures
[22:16] <~MikkelPaulson> doesn't commit them to vote for me
[22:16] <+DLS> ahhh
[22:16] <+DLS> so let's add that up into the text
[22:16] <~MikkelPaulson> which was how I managed to get most of the signatures while I was off campaigning in Edmonton—Leduc
[22:16] <~MikkelPaulson> no need to add the procedural stuff
[22:16] <~MikkelPaulson> all we need is something to pique their interest
[22:17] <~MikkelPaulson> why it's significant, what we stand for, and how to get in touch with us
[22:17] <+DLS> i think it's good to let the ppl know what the numbers are
[22:17] <+DLS> esp in that case, that'll motivate them to sign and be supportive, i'm sure
[22:17] <~MikkelPaulson> not when the numbers aren't flattering
[22:18] <+DLS> thing is once ppl have signed, they stop carring
[22:18] <+DLS> -r
[22:18] <+DLS> as the whole circus of life takes over again
[22:18] <~MikkelPaulson> every candidate has exactly the same requirements to meet
[22:18] <~MikkelPaulson> deposit, signatures, agent, auditor, the works
[22:19] <+DLS> ya
[22:19] <+DLS> how many followers on twitter ya got?
[22:19] <~MikkelPaulson> personally? 118 at the mo
[22:19] <+DLS> is that the account you're using for PPCA business?
[22:19] <~MikkelPaulson> (my profile is open in the background, I don't know this by heart)
[22:20] <~MikkelPaulson> for stuff regarding my personal involvement yeah
[22:20] <~MikkelPaulson> obviously the party stuff goes out through the piratepartyca Twitter
[22:20] <+DLS> but no fans
[22:20] <+DLS> ya, k
[22:20] <~MikkelPaulson> although I retweet between the two occasionally
[22:21] <+DLS> if you ask me, it's impossible to create a rl buzz off the Internet within a week
[22:21] <+DLS> it needs to be done irl
[22:22] <~MikkelPaulson> that's why we contact the media directly
[22:22] <+Zblewski> ^
[22:22] <+Zblewski> Tomorrow I call the press
[22:22] <+DLS> awesome
[22:23] <~MikkelPaulson> send the emails first, then follow up
[22:23] <+Zblewski> Sure
[22:25] <+DLS> anything else planned for tonight?
[22:25] <+Nuitari> Hi
[22:25] <+DLS> HI!
[22:25] <~MikkelPaulson> that's all I've got on my plate
[22:25] <+Nuitari> can I get a reminder or something before the meeting starts?
[22:25] <~MikkelPaulson> I texted you
[22:25] <+DLS> oO
[22:25] <+DLS> the meeting's done man Tongue
[22:25] <+Nuitari> yeah I see that
[22:25] <~MikkelPaulson> I don't suppose we have $1m liability insurance do we?
[22:26] <+DLS> good night fellows
[22:26] <+Zblewski> indeed
[22:27] <~MikkelPaulson> okay, I guess that's all for now, folks
[22:27] <~MikkelPaulson> I'll check out the PiratePad in a bit
[22:27] <~MikkelPaulson> one of you on top of the contact sheet?
[22:28] <+Nuitari> no insurance
[22:29] <~MikkelPaulson> ah well
[22:29] <~MikkelPaulson> worth a shot
[22:29] <~MikkelPaulson> long story short we're meeting outside because of logistical issues getting a room anywhere
[22:29] <~MikkelPaulson> particularly on short notice
[22:29] <+Nuitari> if you own a house it might be doable through homeowner insurance
[22:30] <~MikkelPaulson> I don't think that'd do, and anyway I don't
[22:30] <~MikkelPaulson> I forwarded the email from Winnipeg U
[22:31] <+Nuitari> yeah I responded to that
[22:31] <~MikkelPaulson> ah okay, didn't get a notification from that because it's filtered into my Winnipeg folder
[22:31] <~MikkelPaulson> anyway, on that note, shall we call it adjourned?
[22:32] <+Nuitari> has business cards been addressed?
[22:32] <~MikkelPaulson> yeah
[22:32] <~MikkelPaulson> I'll email you a draft log, although rintaran is acting as clerk, so he'll have the authoritative copy
[22:34] <~MikkelPaulson> okay, since we're losing attendees fast, I declare the meeting adjourned
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-Shawn R. Gray, OCT
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