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  • Federal Council meeting: octobre 28, 2010
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Mikkel Paulson
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« le: 23 octobre 2010, 12:45:08 »

Agenda (draft):

• Winnipeg North campaign status update
• Ottawa meeting preparations
• Style guide
• Provision of honourary memberships
• appointment of administrators

The meeting will take place in the new #council channel on our IRC server (irc://irc.pirateparty.ca/council). Anyone is welcome to attend, although only Federal Council members can participate. The meeting begins at 19:30 EDT.
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The Minutes and Transcripts are now available for viewing on the Pirate Party Wiki. Follow the links below:

Federal Council Meetings: http://wiki.pirateparty.ca/index.php/Federal_Council_Meetings

Minutes from 2010-10-28: http://wiki.pirateparty.ca/index.php/FC_2010-10-28_minutes

Transcript from 2010-10-28: http://wiki.pirateparty.ca/index.php/FC_2010-10-28_transcript

-Shawn R. Gray, OCT
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