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Author Topic: Regarding tonight's meeting: Joe Baptista  (Read 362 times)
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« on: June 19, 2010, 02:45:41 AM »

Regarding the recent activities of Joe Baptista:

Please review the following three threads and both logs saved from the IRC conversations on May 27th 2010 and June 9th 2010 before reading on, All PDFs will be deleted after the meeting.

Assassination Politics, posted on May 25

Cyphernomicon, posted on May 27

Somali Pirates praise, posted on May 28
Summary: In which Baptista stated he would pay to see public officials executed, also stating he believes it would be fun.

IRC Conversation on May 27

Summary: Conversation between mainly Jake Daynes, Hindgrinder and Baptista.

-Baptista came online requesting a way to communicate with the party over verbal communication channels. After several concessions were made to accommodate Baptista's schedule, he made further communications difficult and refused to make an appointment with Jake Daynes. Baptista also made his first threats of legal action on alleged discrimination grounds. He proceeded to act as if Jake was being highly discourteous and rude, even after the attempts at making concessions to open communications

IRC Convo on June 9

Summary: Conversation mainly between Nuitari, Zblewski and Baptista

-Baptista came online demanding an apology from the Party after alleged discrimination against him by Party representatives.

In these IRC conversations with Mr. Baptista, the Pirate Party Administrative team learned how he managed to force Ontario to reform the Freedom of Information Act in a way that makes it harder to gain access to it by repeatedly submitting vexatious and frivolous demands for information*. This is in direct contradiction to the Party platform of Government Transparency as well as has implications on our stances regarding freedom of information and culture.

Emails received after the banning of Mr. Baptista from PPCA communication channels included threats of legal action on grounds of Human Rights violation unless the email addresses of Jake Daynes and Mike Bleskie, a high school student, were disclosed to him. Neither emails were disclosed though are publicly available. Baptista also attempted to find contact information for Jake Daynes through the PPCA Fund Incorporation Registration information. Even after looking into the incorporation registry information, Mr. Baptista could not be bothered to look at more public records showing both Jake Daynes and Mike Bleskie's email addresses and continued to send vexatious emails to Stephane Bakhos.

Mr. Baptista's website, presents content in a way as to imply that we support the content of his page, as well as Assassination Politics. Upon posting the Cyphernomicon thread, he stated it was Pirate Approved, which it is not, and the PPCA does not endorse any statements made by Mr. Baptista.

This blatant attempt at making it seem as if the PPCA endorses any of his stances is damaging to the Party Image that we are attempting to construct. After being warned repeatedly, Mr. Baptista continued with his vexatious and irrational posts, as well as his demands for an apology over efforts by Party representatives to preserve a modicum of respect and discourage his contentious remarks.

Mr. Baptista's activities and involvement in this party are a danger to its continued existence and as such, the Directors of the PPCA feel that his membership should be revoked.


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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2010, 10:01:25 PM »

The vote passed and Joe Baptista has been expelled.
The PDFs are going to be taken down but kept on archive.

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« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2010, 10:34:13 PM »

For the record, the results of the vote were as follows:

In favour: 9
Opposed: 1
Abstained: 3
Did not vote: 3
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