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I'm not a member of the Pirate Party, or for that matter any party. I feel that I can do more good shooting at the fools in all of the parties indiscriminately.

But, I do have my own recording studio. While it's not as good as what the big boys have, it's mine, and mine alone. So if I choose to offer free audio recording to politicians running for office, well that's my choice. I also have video gear, but quite frankly since several of my microphones cost more than my HD Video recorder, well, you know where my heart is Smiley

I'm willing to offer my services, at no charge, to the Pirate Party, and it's candidates. The only problem is that any work done has to be within a reasonable drive of Richmond Hill, Ontario, because I'm in horrible shape physically, and spend a fair amount of my time stoned (legally - I have a prescription for painkillers that would put most people flat on their asses - but they keep me semi-functional).

Wayne aka The Mad Hatter
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