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Neil Leyton launched his solo career in 1998 with the release of the
critically acclaimed “Secret Avenue” album, throwing himself simultaneously
into his music as well as running Fading Ways Music, his Canadian indie
label. His second album, “…from the brighter side of her Midnight Sun”,
was released in the UK via the ChangesOne label in 2003 and in Canada via
Scratch Distribution, harnessing critical acclaim throughout all of Fading
Ways Music’s distributed territories.

In 2004 Leyton launched Fading Ways Music UK, embracing Creative Commons
licenses, endorsing file-sharing and cultural freedom while most of the
music industry launched reactionary lawsuits against so-called “pirates”.
Fading Ways was the first label to internationally distribute commercial CDs
with a CC license (By-Nc-Sa). The very first such album was Red Orkestra’s
After the Wars.

Leyton is presently at work on his fourth studio album (after a plethora of
EPs and collaborations) called Elite Nylon, which follows The Point 7″
single - a side-project with Hellacopters’ Nicke Andersson.