About Captain

Conceptualized in mid-August by Mike Bleskie, Rob Britton, Tim Fretz, Stephane Bakhos and myself, The Canadian Pirate Tracker, or CaPT (Captain) for short, was first launched in late September.

Captain is a creative commons torrent tracker, formed by the PPCA in order to promote artists over an efficient and inexpensive global distribution network. All material entered into CaPT is under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License, which can be found here:


CaPT is not for profit, and no revenue is generated by the use or existence of the project. Its sole purpose is to allow artists to reach the global stage.

Each artist will be featured on a weekly rotating “Featured Artist” front page, on top of having all of their contact information, and links to their Artist Pages attached to every download.

If you are interested in finding more free Creative Commons material, the German Piratenpartei also runs an index of artists who have chosen to release their work online.