Privacy Policy

Automatic Logging

  • The webserver automatically logs any connections to the website. All of the data sent via the URL, the
    IP of the client and the time of the connection is kept. This is used for security analysis. The information collected is periodically deleted.
  • Piwik is used to provide analytics on visits to this website. The last part of the IP address is automatically stripped.

Personally identifiable information

  • Upon subscription to our newsletter, the website collects the supplied email address and the IP address of the subscriber. The information is used in the personalization of our emails and in tracing records should an email address becomes invalid. The IP address is used as a proof of the identity of the subscriber. If an email address is used to send a SPAM complaint through various channels, we will use the collected IP address and information from the double opt-in process as proof of subscription.
  • If you place an order with us, we will also collect your mailing and your billing address and your telephone numbers. They are used to get the order to you and to contact you in case there is a problem. You credit card information is also collected to process the payment for the order. The credit card number and expiration is kept encrypted.
  • Donations over 20$ require us to record the name of the donator for future use by Elections Canada.
    Donations over 200$ require us to record the name and address of the donator and to report it to Elections Canada as part of the Registered Party Financial Transactions Return.
    Canada Revenue Agency may require us to disclose information on donators as they request it.

Tracking technology

  • Tracking is used once a user logs in or signup in the order process. It allows to keep track of the login session and is not used for other purposes.
  • Every email includes a customized header referencing the record number of the email address and a customized link for unsubscriptions. They are used to track bounce and to identify who is unsubscribing.

Security measures

  • HTTPS (SSL) is available for all of our pages and is mandatory to access any page controlled by our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.