I am assuming you have already heard  about this. Some clowns in the United States are talking about passing two really awful redundant bills. SOPA and PIPA. To counter-act the redundancy of their simultaneous bills, the Internet is responding in kind. Although everyone visiting the pirate party website is likely already painfully aware of these bills, we have thrown down a redirect to combat the menace through the tactic of solidarity.

It is extremely important that Canadians participate in the resistance against these awful bills too. For those wondering, Micheal Geist is quoting All Your Base are Belong to Us. They’re going to ruin the whole internet. They’re using copyright law as a Trojan Horse to destroy the beautiful structure of the free and open internet. It’s a really big deal.

Find your local Member of Parliament , and write them a letter or an e-mail. Let it be known that you are outraged.

Sign the OpenMedia Petition.

Enjoy your day without Wikipedia.