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Craig Nobbs

Photo of Craig NobbsMP candidate, Langley

A loving, devoted husband and father of three beautiful daughters, Craig manages the mobile division of a locally owned computer sales and service company. Since the age of sixteen, he has been studying and working with computers and emerging technologies, amassing knowledge and understanding; not only of how they work, but also the place that they have taken in the daily lives of Canadians.

Understanding that life isn’t solely about computers, Craig has also explored many other interests. From travelling to other countries lending his hands and voice to help others in need, to exploring the natural wonders of British Columbia’s nature parks camping with family and friends, he has been afforded the opportunities that many others have not. This fostered a place in his heart to help people who both needed and wanted help to better themselves in life. Though empathetic to the plight of others, he is not without balance.

Growing up, those opportunities were provided by Craig’s loving and hardworking parents who were able to allow Craig to explore what he desired to learn. It was through his father’s and mother’s perseverance and nurturing that taught him about earning ones way in life; using hard work, determination, and knowledge tempered with wisdom to get to where one wanted to go. Helping those who want to better themselves balanced with having those who labour, to keep the fruit that they bare; that is the balance that Craig strives to maintain.

“While I stand firm in my beliefs, I believe that I am a man of reason, willing to discuss any subject with anyone willing to do so. I also am a firm believer that everyone should laugh. The world and its troubles are serious, but everyone should take time to smile and laugh with those they call friends and family. I have a saying, ‘what good is laughing if you cannot laugh at yourself?’. It is something I live by and those closest to me would attest to that.”

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