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Balanced Copyright

Welcome to BalancedCopyright, an initiative of the Pirate Party of Canada!

Why are we here?

Founded to help promote a truly balanced copyright regime, this site acts as a gateway for us to show Canadians what our views on copyright are, and for Canadians to present their views on what they think balanced copyright should entail.

All submissions are moderated, to make sure they fall within general guidelines, such as proper grammar and spelling, and no vulgarity. Not all submissions will be posted; only those of the highest quality will be made public though we will keep every submission.

What we want:

The Pirate Party of Canada believes that for a properly balanced copyright, a return to the past is needed to protect the future of our culture.

We will make sure fair-dealing legislation is strengthened and for-personal-use sharing is legalized.

Copyright should be used to protect works from being used in a commercial setting and have a limit of one 5 year term, once renewable to a total of 10 years. Copyright was never meant to inhibit personal use of a work, though the voices of distribution channels and government lobbyists over the decades have pushed through legislation to make it so.

We will change that.

We will bring copyright back to its roots, and protect culture from unauthorized commercial use only. We will educate artists and creators on ways to make money from their art through means other than record sales, and teach them to use new, more cost efficient distribution channels, such as P2P.

Join the CopyFight.

On behalf of the Pirate Party of Canada and our Administrative team, welcome, to BalancedCopyright.ca

-Jake Daynes