Piracy in the House of Commons

The Pirate Party of Canada has uncovered proof of copyright infringement within the Canadian house of Commons. We have done it using youhavedownloaded.com- a service that scrapes public torrents for IP addresses that is similar to the services used by the copyright industry to find people to sue. We can assume that this is just a small number of the total amount of downloads from the House of Commons, because the data scraped is only 4% of all torrents. These are IP addresses that are indisputably leased to the House of Commons.  By the terms of the lease only the House of Commons can use these IP addresses.

It’s important to note that this does not necessarily mean that your MP is downloading video games. The list is demonstrates how easy it could be to be accused of downloading content even if you are innocent. We at the Pirate Party believe that the war on copyright infringement is not a winnable battle. In order for the internet to be free of copyright infringement, we must give up our right to privacy. It’s not worth the trade-off.

Canadian House of Commons PARL-C1 (NET-192-197-82-0-1) -

Here is the list of Parliamentary IP addresses that are offending. You can verify that these are from parliament by putting the IP address in your browser and it will take you to a page that says:

“Access Denied / Accès refusé

Access denied by security policy / Accès refusé dû à une politique de sécurité
The parliamentary network security policy prevents this site from being accessed .

La politique de sécurité du réseau parlementaire empê che d’accéder ce site. FLEXT-2″