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Brad Pedwell

The Literal Form of Violence

Released May 2009.

Encoded 320Kbps [Lame] mp3


  1. Live Again
  2. Immortal
  3. Lay It On Me
  4. Egocentric
  5. Let It Fade
  6. Way Down Below
  7. Restitution
  8. Waterfall
  9. The Literal Form Of Violence
  10. BONUS TRACK: Gasoline (acoustic)

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/pedwell

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pedwell


Brad Pedwell is an alternative-rock Singer/Songwriter from Vancouver, BC Canada focusing on bringing powerful arena rock to a unique setting. Spanning the spectrum from post-grunge to pop-punk, Pedwell delivers thoughtful originals through catchy hooks, clever guitar work, and a sense of humor.

Pedwell’s debut album ‘The Literal Form of Violence’ was released for free download in early 2009 and has since been downloaded 2000+ times to a growing fan-base.

Pedwell has recently released the new EP ‘Lost Time (With a Miracle)’ produced by Warne Livesey (Matthew Good Band, Midnight Oil) now available on iTunes. Currently updating fans via Twitter, Facebook, and bi-monthly video pedCAST’s viewable by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

If you like what you hear, please support the music by purchasing ‘Lost Time (With a Miracle)‘ EP from iTunes for a small donation. You can also do your part by downloading ‘The Literal Form of Violence’ for FREE and passing the link on to your friends. Thank you for listening! Keep sharing!