‘Set up A Business’ Experience

We will trial a program where 16-year-olds are encouraged to set up a small business as part of a work experience program during or at the end of their final year of school. The program would aim to actually establish viable businesses and provide the skills and experience required to run a small business.


Make Publicly Funded Academic Research Available To All

We believe that it is vital that the results of academic research produced in universities that receive public money should be available to all through a Creative Commons BY SA licence.


Let All Schools Access National Media Library

The CBC, Library and Archives Canada, and other appropriate groups should be asked to establish a national media library for educational establishments. A large catalogue of material for students and teachers to make use of would diversify and increase the quality of media material available in education and would save money by centralising administration and technical costs.


Invest in Teachers

Schools should have the freedom to spend their budgets as they see fit and should be encouraged to invest in knowledgeable, enthusiastic and well qualified teachers. Over the last decade we have seen vast sums wasted on expensive school IT systems, often with maintenance, software licensing and other excessive or unnecessary costs attached. To make matters worse, schools are often locked into these costly systems for long periods, reducing schools' abilities to adapt to new technology and provid...
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Reduce Class Sizes

Class sizes have a measurable impact on the performance of students of all ages. We would set a maximum class size, not as a guideline, but as a requirement for all schools within Canada with exceptions for schools where parents and governors actively want to see larger class sizes and are using some other methods to mitigate any negative impact.


Lifetime Access to Education

The best time to learn is in the earliest years, but for many people life events can mean that they miss out on education, or due to personal issues they may be incapable of taking full advantage of the education available to them up to the age of 18. We are committed to providing easy access to both basic education and higher education for all; we believe that Canada can build on the excellent foundations already laid by the Open University. University tuition fees should be frozen and eventual...
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Abolish University Tuition Fees

The Pirate Party of Canada will abolish university tuition fees. Studies have shown that education is directly linked to our GDPSource, and as we approach peak jobs due to automation, society must retool itself for life after convenience and factory workers. Furthermore, our government can afford to spent billions in fighter planes, with a little bit of readjustment of priority, few billions could be set aside to invest in post-secondary education to help make us a world leader in knowledge and ...
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July 2016
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