Encourage Research into Ageing

Canada puts a great deal of funds towards research into illnesses affecting Canadians. Researchers are able to apply for grants that help expand medical knowledge and lead to cures. However, research into ageing cannot benefit as ageing is not classified as an illness. By opening up funding to those researching ageing we stand to improve the quality of life of the elderly by not only extending old age but extending healthy old age.


Transparency and Truth in Food Labeling

When citizens are informed, they make better choices. In the same way, The Pirate Party of Canada recognizes that for an open market to thrive the choice of the consumer is paramount. With increasing health concerns such as serious allergies, uncertainty of the long-term health effects of GMOs, and deadly food contamination, transparency and truth in food labeling is important to protect the health of the Canadian citizen. Use of vague and misleading labels such as “natural flavours” should be...
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Federal Support For Mental Health and Addiction

Some provinces are not providing adequate mental health solutions to their residents, as such the federal government should establish a system which will give incentives to support mental health and addiction programs. Improving the treatment of addicts and mentally ill citizens will reduce the rate of poverty, homelessness, and drug abuse on our streets.

July 2016
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