Mutual Mentoring Start-Up Program

We would like to see trial programs across Canada in which promising students are paired with older people with contextual expertise and provided with an opportunity to start a business, with state support through the provision of space, legal advice and accountancy, preferably in a startup incubator-like space. This would give both young people the opportunity to start a business and work with people who have long term experience, and would support older people who want to start a business but ...
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Balanced and Flexible Paid Parental Leave

Canada should introduce balanced and flexible parental leave, to be available to both partners. We would propose a system where both the mother and father of a child each have a minimum amount of time off 'banked', and then an additional allocation to be divided between them, obviously this includes LGBT people too.


Establish Citizen’s Income (“Mincome”)

In Dauphin, Manitoba in the 1970's, Canada tried an experimental minimum income ("mincome") program.  The results were encouraging, but it was shut down by an incoming federal government and its results were locked away without study. We want to revive the mincome program, first on an experimental level to prove feasibility, and then on a national level. A Citizen's Income is an unconditional, non-withdrawable income payable to each individual as a right of citizenship. Consumer spending drives ...
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Efficiently Process Asylum Seekers and Treat Them Properly

Quite rightly, Canada is a party to international agreements pertaining to asylum. We have an obligation to provide sanctuary to those individuals who have been forced to flee their homes. We should ensure that those people who come to Canada seeking asylum are treated fairly and are given decisions quickly about their status. Once asylum seekers have been granted asylum they should be given assistance to ensure that their time here is productive and beneficial to them and to Canada, including a...
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Digital Accessibility

We will promote the inclusion of accessibility features, such as subtitles and audio descriptions for the disabled. Our aim is to make content accessible for disabled people. We will introduce an obligation for publishers to provide a DRM-free copy of their product where necessary to allow the use of accessibility programs (for example, voice synthesiser software to "read out" an e-book to a visually impaired person).


A Fairer Deal for Interns

We will ensure that the minimum wage applies to interns gaining experience within for-profit companies to limit the impact of abuses of the intern system.


A Rational Points Based Immigration System

Canada is an immigrant nation. It is built on collaborations between citizens from diverse backgrounds. Canada, at its best, serves as a  microcosm for the international community. Collaboration and kinship between all cultures and nationalities From an economic perspective, the demand for certain skills that are in short supply in Canada has made immigration vitally important for both the public and the private sector. Well- managed and well-controlled immigration is important to ensure that C...
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July 2016
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