Platform 2011

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  1. 1. Copyright Law
    • Reinforce and protect fair dealing.
    • Decriminalize non-commercial file sharing, and prohibit statutory damages for non-commercial sharing.
    • Allow content creators to explicitly dedicate material to the public domain.
    • Reform crown copyright to ensure open access to Canadians.


  2. 2. Patent Law
    • Reduce patent terms to 5 years, and require a higher standard of originality.
      • Eliminate patents on genes, organisms, software, and business models.
    • Reallocate funds saved in health care due to patent reform to public pharmaceutical research, the results of which are to be made publicly available.

  4. 3. Privacy
    • Enforce the same privacy laws on electronic communication as the traditional postal service.
    • Strengthen the powers of Privacy Commissioner.
    • Fight bills and regulation that violate your right to personal privacy.

  6. 4. Neutrality
    • Reform the CRTC to prevent abuses by limiting the telecom industry executives to a minority, and include consumer advocates on the board.
    • Fund undersea cables to Europe and Asia rather than relying on American bandwidth and thus being subject to American regulation, including wiretap laws.
    • Ensure unfettered access to telecom infrastructure for independent service providers, in order to foster broader competition.

  8. 5. Open Government & Open Access
    • Create a combined approach of proactive release of information to the public while easing access by request.
    • Expedite freedom of information requests and reduce costs by sharing information digitally.
    • Lower or eliminate the cost of filing of FOI requests.
    • Increase the power and scope of the PSIC, and establish an anonymous online dropbox system.

  10. 6. Whistleblower & Journalist Protection
    • Introduce legislation to provide or reinforce protection for journalists and whistleblowers, to encourage the exposure of corruption.

  12. 7. Protecting Canadians’ Charter Rights
    • The Pirate Party will stand up against violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly infringement of freedom of expression and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.


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