Stop the Meter

March 2nd, 2011 at 1:29pm | 4 Comments

The future of digital innovation relies on internet being maintained as a cheap and accessible commodity. By allowing big business to gouge customers on their internet bills, the CRTC has proven again that they may not be up to the challenge of regulating Canadian telecommunications.

The Pirate Party of Canada opposes any limitation on the potential of the internet. The internet’s inclusiveness must be protected. Setting a high cost for downloading data makes content-rich applications like streaming video and online gaming out of the reach of those who can’t risk high monthly bills.

I encourage all of you to sign the Stop the Meter petition, it seems to be effective.

Let’s show them that Canadians care about the internet.

Shawn Vulliez
Pirate Party of Canada

4 Responses to “Stop the Meter”

  1. Tex Justin Thresher says:

    just no

  2. Tex Justin Thresher says:

    *thinks that didnt sound how i wanted it to sound * I mean just no to the CRTC

  3. Brandon Morin says:

    This government is going to strangle the future of small business and the future of entrepreneurship in our country by allowing this to pass. make no mistake, any government action to scrap it is just for votes. Second the elections done it’ll be back on the table.

  4. Anonymous says:


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