Pirate Local Hangout, BBQ, Brainstorming

We have the following three hangout / meetup coming up:

Please join us, or ask your friends to join. If you area is not listed above, feel free to organize and start one. Let us know the details so that we can post it in our events calendar.



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  1. Steve commented at

    I live in Ontario. You don not seem to have anything listed for Ontario. I am very interested in your organization, for several different reasons.. I would love to try to set something up in the tri-city area in Ontario, just to see who shows up… Im not terribly good at computers, but I have a very serious desire to learn. Im having a hard time finding place to start, being as politically motivated as I am leaves me with with few options to reach out to in terms of support.. I could be in Toronto, Or Hamilton, or Guelph, or Kitchener, wherever there might be a person to talk to about this work. A reply would be awesome. Most of the hidden services I try to communicate with are kinda flakey…take care, hope to hear form you soon.

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