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  • April 7

    Platform 2011

    1. Copyright Law Reinforce and protect fair dealing. Decriminalize non-commercial file sharing, and prohibit statutory damages for non-commercial s... read more »

  • March 30

    Election Volunteers

    We are now entering our first election, and it seems we are running candidates in Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Québec. In ord... read more »

  • March 26

    PRESS RELEASE: Election 2011

    This afternoon, a non-confidence motion moved by the Liberal Party passed Parliament, thus calling an election. Despite rhetoric from all parties i... read more »

  • March 2

    Stop the Meter

    The future of digital innovation relies on internet being maintained as a cheap and accessible commodity. By allowing big business to gouge custome... read more »

  • February 22

    New Federal Council cabinet

    The Federal Council by-election has concluded, and we’ve completed the inaugural meeting. I’d like to congratulate our new Directors-at... read more »

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