Full Text and Video From Senate Hearing on Bill C-23

Here is the full text from the opening statement given by Ric Lim for Pirate Party of Canada. Link to video can be found at the bottom.

This was delivered on April 10, 2014 before the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. The proceeding as described by the Committee chair Bob Runciman:

“Bill C23, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and other acts and to make consequential amendments to certain acts. This bill proposes amendments to numerous aspects of Canada’s electoral law …

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PRESS RELEASE: Increased Fundraising Ability in C-23 a Potential Harm to Democracy

While issues concerning the elimination of vouching have been discussed at length it is not the most damaging change proposed in Bill C-23. Several of the provisions of C-23 would greatly increase how much money parties can fundraise. As events south of the border demonstrate the infusion of greater funds into elections does not lead to better democracy but instead provides a constant distraction to parties and elected representatives.

In the US Congress new representatives are instructed to devote at least four hours every day to …

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PRESS RELEASE: Parties to Hold Joint Press Conference in Ottawa in Opposition to C-23

Small Parties Say: Bill C-23 Must Not Pass

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014             

Time: 10:30 am                    

Place: Charles Lynch Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill

Registered political parties without representation in the House of Commons are holding a press conference on Friday, April 11 at 10:30 am to present their views on Bill C-23.

The parties listed below will be participating. They are unanimous in their opposition to Bill C-23 and will outline both their commonly held reasons for opposing it and their particular concerns and objections. All the parties think …

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PRESS RELEASE: Pirate Party Call For Real-Time Disclosure Of Government Spending

Fox Creek, AB – March 9th

On Thursday the Prime Ministers Office gave its official replies to questions submitted by MPs regarding salary disclosure of staffers within the PMO making between $150,000 and $300,000 annually.  Additionally, other government officials responded to Order Papers related to their departments, including an inquiry about software running on government computers. The PMO and government officials were less than forthcoming with information, aptly demonstrating the problem with relying on them to disclose information after the fact.

The Pirate Party of Canada considers …

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PRESS RELEASE: Pirate Party Wants A Fair Deal For Independents

Fox Creek, AB – February 14th

As independent MP Brent Rathgeber told the CBC on Tuesday, the proposed modifications to election laws will make running as an independent candidate even more difficult than it already is. The current system already stacks the odds against these types of candidates and the proposed changes significantly increase that difficulty. A hurdle that independent candidates already face is the requirement that all remaining funds at the end of the election must be surrendered to Elections Canada. This handicap is placed upon …

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PRESS RELEASE: Access to CETA Text Denied

Fox Creek, AB – January 30th

It has been announced recently by the Council of Canadians that the Government of Canada denied their access to information request for the text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU. This despite the government claiming the agreement is nearly finished and that key sections that were in dispute have been ironed out.

CETA covers a wide number of areas from agriculture to industry, from investor-to-state arbitration to intellectual property law. While the Conservatives have claimed that …

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PRESS RELEASE: Pirate Party Confirms Three More Candidates For 2015 Election

Fox Creek, AB – January 20th

On January 15th at the Monthly General Meeting of the Pirate Party of Canada three more candidates were confirmed for the 2015 Federal Election. The candidates are Craig Nobbs for the riding of Langley-Aldergrove (BC), Kenneth Dyson for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Westmount (QC), and James Wilson for Fundy Royal (NB). All three candidates are also committed to running in any by-elections that may occur in their ridings before 2015.

Craig Nobbs previously ran for the party in the Langley riding in the 2011 Federal Election. Kenneth …

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2014 Party Leadership Elections

Greetings fellow Pirates,

It is once again time to elect your officials for the year. Since we have had a lot of new people join us I thought an overview of how the process works might be helpful.

The elections take place over the months of January and February. The Political Council, responsible for policy development and political strategy, is elected in January. While the minimum size of the Council is five it is often larger as approval voting is used. From Section VII.2 of the Party …

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PRESS RELEASE: Caucus Reform Bill Set to Cause Collateral Damage

Fox Creek, AB – December 12

The Pirate Party along with many others in Canada were excited to hear about MP Michael Chong’s bill to reform the party caucuses. After reading the text the party sent an email to Michael Chong’s office regarding a section of the language regarding requirements for EDAs (Electoral District Associations) to choose party candidates as it seemed this would block candidates if their party didn’t have an EDA in their riding. Michael Chong’s office replied:

“Michael is open to friendly amendments that …

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PRESS RELEASE: MP Advocates Censoring Internet

Toronto, ON – December 12

Conservative MP Joy Smith is drafting a private members bill to censor the internet in Canada. In her proposal, everyone’s internet access would have adult content filtered out by default and each individual would have to contact their service provider in order to opt out. Forcing each adult to put on record that they are interested in pornography further erodes our already tenuous basic privacy. Another major issue with this proposal is that software used for censorship is notoriously ineffective creating …

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