Victoria, BC Meetup / Hangout

I’m looking for Pirates in Greater Victoria that would like to get together. I’d like to see what we can muster here and if there’s any interest in putting someone forward for the 2015 election. Please post or e-mail me (rintaran at gmail) your interest. I like the idea of one-on-one meetings in advance of putting together a Greater Victoria Pirate meeting to hash out what we can do locally.


-Shawn Gray

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PRESS RELEASE: Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 undermines Canadian democracy and amounts to anti-dissent laws

[La version française suit]


Winnipeg - March 1st - The Pirate Party of Canada is deeply concerned about the proposed Bill C-51.  The party’s primary objective is to fight for the civil liberties of Canadians which Bill C-51 endangers.  One of the main concerns with this bill is the ambiguous wording that defines terrorism, the circumstances in which the bill is being rushed, and the sacrificed liberties for alleged gained security.  They believe this bill does not serve our national security interest …

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PRESS RELEASE: US Government Study Predicts Little GDP Growth From Trans-Pacific Partnership For Canada


Fox Creek, AB - December 11th - An Economic Research Report published by the United States Department of Agriculture is predicting that Canada will receive no growth to its GDP from the agriculture portions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.[1] Meanwhile, Australia & New Zealand have demanded concessions in other areas to secure the needed opening of their agricultural sectors. Back in June, Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz stated that the Conservative Government would never sign an agreement that Canada did not benefit from. He …

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Holding Power to Account – Investigative Journalism Conference in Winnipeg

We had the pleasure of attending the Investigative Journalism Conference in Winnipeg in June 2014. We always admire journalists who risk their lives to expose the truth. It was nice to see academics, journalists and students gather together learning and discussing investigative journalism.

Here is a short summary from some of the panel and talks from the conference:

Exposing Corruption in Quebec

The CBC Quebec’s counter part Radio-Canada discussed how they exposed the widespread corruption in Quebec. Enquete - the Quebec version of Fifth Estate related how …

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Full Text and Video From Senate Hearing on Bill C-23

Here is the full text from the opening statement given by Ric Lim for Pirate Party of Canada. Link to video can be found at the bottom.

This was delivered on April 10, 2022 before the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. The proceeding as described by the Committee chair Bob Runciman:

“Bill C23, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and other acts and to make consequential amendments to certain acts. This bill proposes amendments to numerous aspects of Canada’s electoral law …

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Fox Creek, AB - November 14: It is being reported that Wikileaks has obtained a copy of the negotiating text for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The text includes a chapter on intellectual property with provisions that many feared would be included: An extension of copyright terms, further restrictions on fair dealing and greater legal protection for digital locks to name just a few. None of these things are of benefit to the Canadian economy and only serve to create inefficiency through the strengthening of the copyright …

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