Victoria, BC Meetup / Hangout

I’m looking for Pirates in Greater Victoria that would like to get together. I’d like to see what we can muster here and if there’s any interest in putting someone forward for the 2015 election. Please post or e-mail me (rintaran at gmail) your interest. I like the idea of one-on-one meetings in advance of putting together a Greater Victoria Pirate meeting to hash out what we can do locally.


-Shawn Gray

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  • I’m going to be moving down to Victoria in a few months, and would be interested in joining the Pirate community. I like the idea of a pro-knowledge future that champions citizens’ personal liberty. Obviously the highest priority of a Victoria Pirate meeting would to be find candidates for the surrounding ridings to run in the 2015 election. Having names on the ballot is important if only to say, ‘an alternative exists.’ And I would be willing to run in Victoria or Esquimalt–Saanich–Sooke, if only for a new experience. So you can throw my name into the hat!

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