The Alleged Actions of Tim Hortons & Starbucks is a Betrayal of Market Transparency

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release THE ALLEGED ACTIONS OF THE TIM HORTONS AND STARBUCKS COMPANIES IS A BETRAYAL OF MARKET TRANSPARENCY Red Deer region, AB - Nov 10 2015 - A CBC Marketplace investigation has recently uncovered alleged practices that are best described as false advertising. The investigation took place in Toronto, and featured investigators fixing electronic tracking devices to paper cups that were then disposed of in recycling bins belonging to these companies. It was later f...
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Adopt the Passive House Standard for All New Buildings

The Passive House standard requires a house to be be so well constructed and insulated that it is warm enough without requiring much heating; typically it will require no heating at all. 30,000 passive houses have been built around the world and Canada should work to catch up. We will aim to ensure that all new houses built in Canada adhere to a reasonable standard that is as close to the Passive House standard in terms of aims as possible.


Mandatory “Carbon Footprint” Labelling for Big-Ticket Items

We should require that carbon footprint ratings are extended and applied on more products, especially those that have large carbon footprints when created. These items should then be labelled when sold.


Investing in Alternative Clean Energy Sources

Power generation will be a major issue facing Canada in the coming decade. The next government will have to get an effective and environmentally sound policy to deal with increasing generation capacity. We believe that the focus should be on renewable energy (such as offshore wind and tidal power generation) as well as investigating and developing new technologies, including nuclear, and continuing to improve the effectiveness of existing ones (e.g. Improving solar cells efficiency, nuclear wast...
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The Polluter Pays

We believe that if you damage the environment, it is your responsibility to pay for that damage to be reversed. The air around us, our waterways, and our landscapes are all common property. If they are damaged though an accident or through activity that pollutes, then that damage should be fixed. The government has a duty to ensure that those who cause such damage pay to do so. In the event that damage is global, as with climate change, it is doubly important to ensure that damaging activities a...
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