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PRESS RELEASE - Pirate Party of Canada mirrors Canadian WikiLeaks Data

For Immediate Release
Vancouver, BC - April 6, 2022 - The Pirate Party has hoisted a mirror of all Canadian WikiLeaks to date on their private torrent tracker, CaPT. The release is hoped to spark debate in Canada over the importance of whistle-blowing and high quality investigative journalism. The files can be downloaded at http://pira.cc/Zkd using any BitTorrent client.


“These files are really illuminating as to how Canada functions behind the scenes, and we owe a great deal of debt to WikiLeaks for bringing these things to our attention.” said Shawn Vulliez, Leader of the Pirate Party of Canada. “There is information in here on Warrantless Wiretapping by the RCMP, Conservatives and Scientologists infiltrating Canadian schools, and undue American influence on Bill C-11 and C-30, among many other things”


The Pirate Party of Canada is a federal political party focused on thoughtful information policy reform, genuine democracy, civil liberties, and the freedom of the Internet. You can find out more online at www.pirateparty.ca .
Media Contacts: Shawn Vulliez 1-877-850-7722 ext *130 [email protected]

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