PRESS RELEASE: Copyright Infringement in Canadian Parliament

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Ottawa, ON - Jan 2nd, 2012 - The Canadian Pirate Party has uncovered evidence of copyright infringement originating from the Canadian House of Commons. The pirated files include film, music, computer programs and ebooks. The information has been discovered using similar IP-scraping tools used by the RIAA and MPAA to assemble computer addresses for class action copyright lawsuits, including the recent example where Canadian ISPs were forced to hand over the addresses of individuals accused of downloading “The Hurt Locker”.


“It’s pretty funny, given that this very same group of people is working on harsher copyright law with Bill C-11, ” says former Pirate Party Candidate for Vancouver Centre Travis McCrea, “It just highlights how absurd and unenforceable this copyright monopoly is. Just as in the Hurt Locker lawsuit, we can tell where the files were downloaded but it is impossible to tell which individual is responsible.”


More details on the IP addresses, files downloaded, and the method used to get this information can be found here.


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