VPN Service

We are reintroducing our VPN service for anyone who makes a donation to the Pirate Party of Canada. Using this service, you can keep all of your Internet traffic private and secure, by relaying it through our VPN server via a securely encrypted and authenticated channel. It will also be used for secure communications between Pirate Party members. We feature an open source Linux server running OpenVPN, 4096 bit public key encryption, 256 bit symmetric encryption, SHA512 message authentication, perfect forward secrecy, and the latest supported TLS v2.0 cipher suites. Connections are made through the HTTPS port (443 TCP) so that your connection will pass through the strictest ISP firewalls (they will look like regular web browsing activity). DNS requests are also passed through the VPN (OpenNIC), so they are kept hidden as well. The servers are located in Canada, and their data is never stored outside of our borders (according to our host). Logs are kept in a RAM disk and regularly deleted. It is our goal to maximize the privacy and security of this service.

The fee is $10 per month, and can be paid through the donation page. We will consider the amount you donated in the past year in order to determine how many months you are subscribed for. Simply submit your email address and your PGP key. We will use your email address to check how much you donated. The PGP key is for us to encrypt the VPN credentials (key) so that only you can view them. If you don’t submit a PGP key, we will just send you your VPN credentials to your email address unencrypted. We will also send you the amounts and dates of the donations and VPN orders you made in the past year, so that you can see how we calculated your subscription time.

For now, our servers have capacity for about 400 GB per month per person. But if we get enough users, we will expand our infrastructure, so there is practically no limit at all. For more help about anything regarding the VPN service, please send an email to [email protected]

Email address

Public PGP key (optional)

Create new VPN key
Renew a VPN key with certificate SHA512 sum (leave empty to use the last new or renewed key)

Associate key with email (recommended for easier renewal)
Do not associate key with email (for a little more privacy for advanced users)

Add at most this many months to the VPN key (leave empty to use as much as possible)