PRESS RELEASE: Parties to Hold Joint Press Conference in Ottawa in Opposition to C-23

Small Parties Say: Bill C-23 Must Not Pass

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014             

Time: 10:30 am                    

Place: Charles Lynch Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill

Registered political parties without representation in the House of Commons are holding a press conference on Friday, April 11 at 10:30 am to present their views on Bill C-23.

The parties listed below will be participating. They are unanimous in their opposition to Bill C-23 and will outline both their commonly held reasons for opposing it and their particular concerns and objections. All the parties think the bill should be withdrawn in its entirety.

The parties without representation in the House of Commons represent citizens and residents who are among the most politically active members of the society. They articulate significant programs, concerns and demands addressing major problems facing Canadians, including proposals for democratic reforms.

All media is invited to attend.

For further information contact:

• Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, 416-462-9541,

• Canadian Action Party, 519-852-8279,

• Christian Heritage Party, 819-281-6686, 1-888-868-3247,

• Communist Party of Canada, 416-469-2446,

• Libertarian Party of Canada, 613-288-9089,

• Marijuana Party of Canada, 514-507-5188,

• Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, 416-253-4475,

• Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency, 416-567-6913,

• Pirate Party of Canada, (877) 978-2023,

• Progressive Canadian Party, 905-853-8949,

More information

>>>Pourquoi le Parti Pirate?<<<

Why Pirate Party?

1. Open Democracy

One of our main founding principles was Open Government. This means an Open Data policy with proactive disclosure and free access to government data. This will allow anyone to scrutinize and catch any error, negligence or corruption early on. Open Government also means increased transparency, and giving constituents real voices. This can be achieved with electoral reform .

2. Mincome / Basic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.)

Unemployment and income inequality is on the rise and we risk a breakdown of social cohesion without a system for resource distribution as we face increased automation. We're shifting from a bureaucratic culture of constant work-demands to a culture of passion, joy, and learning for the sake of learning.

Mincome will lead to cost savings and create a sustainable economy. See our press release for how that can be achieved.

3. Autonomy and Decentralization

We believe that the world works best when individuals are making informed decisions. It is our goal to get all information to all people, so they may be more informed voters, consumers, participants, and teachers. We do not need to force information culture & the hacker ethic onto people we can simply allow them to choose access. We believe the right to choose our identity, name, and appearance is inalienable.

4. Copyright and Patent Reform
Copyright and patent's main purpose was for propagation of culture and innovation. Our current copyright and patent laws are continuously being corrupted due to lobbying by copyright and patent monopolist. These monopolist refuses to innovate and provide wider access and pass on the savings from the new lower distribution cost. Instead the copyright and patent terms keeps getting extended to benefit the few to the detriment of the public interest. The opposite should happen. Copyright and patent terms should be shortened since our new information infrastructure (i.e. the internet) have brought us cheaper and faster means of distributing media contents and information. Mandatory licensing, owner's rights to a non-DRM product, open access to research data and shorter copyright term are some of the natural changes that is needed if we want to create a more open and progressive society. This will ensure future artist and innovator are not hampered by patent and copyright gatekeepers who uses rent seeking law for anti-competitive purposes.

Human beings increasingly have a moral duty to share information with one another. Libraries are stuck in the last century, enforcing artificial scarcity on digital content. If libraries were upgraded for the modern age, we would no longer need filesharing. And let's face it, watching and listening to whatever you want to is fun. It breaks down arbitrary global borders of access and creates a global culture defined by people- not by corporations.

At the Pirate Party- we believe more information leads to better decisions. We believe that more voices leads to better compromises. We believe in Canadians.

Our democracy need a serious upgrade and Pirate Party aims to change politics to the way it should be.