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Winnipeg, Manitoba – October 14, 2021 – Today, Pirate Party of Canada releases an informational video on TPP to raise the misconceptions and omissions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. The government released a summary on October 6, 2021 which omitted any mention of the copyright terms being extended to 70 years, criminalization of breaking of digital locks, among many other problematic provisions. The video focuses on Digital Rights issues and how it affects our future. Experts such as renowned world economist and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz have criticized it as not being really about free-trade, and other experts have expressed similar concerns. The general sentiments from critics is that the TPP allows multinational corporations to subvert power that is normally held by a sovereign government.

The Pirate Party of Canada is a strong proponent of giving MPs as much autonomy as possible on coming up with their own policies and ideas in consultation with their constituents and experts. This would include our intellectual monopoly law reform policies if it comes before the parliament. There is no end to seeking policies on how to improve our government. That is why we are launching another round of crowdsourcing of our policies and taking it to Reddit and other social media. A good visionary idea will likely come from the grassroot level and Canadians working collectively. A good idea is likely to be picked up and adopted by an open minded MP. An elected Pirate MP will implement a a Constituents-Representative-Interaction-System (C.R.I.S.), an online forum administered by Elections Canada to increase representatives accountability and sharing of information with their constituents.

Our existing policies at are just a small part of overall plan to improve our government for the better. Decentralization through a new socio-economic system via Basic Income and electoral reform would bring our democracy and economy into the information age. Part of the crowdsourcing campaign is on our draft Basic Income implementation plan as detailed in the document “A Bold B.I.G. Vision for Open Democracy in the Information Age”. People are encouraged to challenge it, vet it, and help improve it.

The TPP video has been posted at: and a high definition (1080p) version can be downloaded from Vimeo at

The Basic Income and Open Democracy policy can be found at or

The Pirate Party is a federal political party that believes in upgrading our democracy. The party embraces technological changes and using it to create a more open and sustainable society to advance our socio-economic order. We believe in protecting the public interest and its fundamental rights, and protecting freedom and privacy in the digital age and beyond. This includes creative and innovative freedom, the right to a decent life, and open access to information. You can find out more online at .

Media Contacts: Ric Lim or Shawn Vulliez at [email protected]

UPDATE 2021-10-15
TPP would forbid the government from asking for data to be stored locally, and to access or see a source codes. This would tie the hands of government in implementing an Open Source policy to save cost, to perform security audit or to launch investigation (e.g. automobile software emission test fraud etc), and to create cheaper open source tools for the public. (see E-commerce section of U.S. Trade Representative’s Summary on TPP)

The TPP also appears to exclude the possibility of at least having source code escrow requirements for safety-critical equipment such as medical devices, automotives and military equipment. There could be wide ranging implications as we move toward increased automation and driverless car.



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    I approved the comment, despite appearances of spam.

    I use the ixquick search engine myself. It among other things hides the search query from the referrer URL when you select a search result.

    I initially signed up to test Startmail when it was in the beta phase, but came to the conclusion than end-to-end encryption actually works better if you actually control the end-points. I use GnuPG for my personal e-mail (sign only, which is actually worse from a privacy perspective).

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More information

>>>Pourquoi le Parti Pirate?<<<

Why Pirate Party?

1. Open Democracy

One of our main founding principles was Open Government. This means an Open Data policy with proactive disclosure and free access to government data. This will allow anyone to scrutinize and catch any error, negligence or corruption early on. Open Government also means increased transparency, and giving constituents real voices. This can be achieved with electoral reform .

2. Mincome / Basic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.)

Unemployment and income inequality is on the rise and we risk a breakdown of social cohesion without a system for resource distribution as we face increased automation. We're shifting from a bureaucratic culture of constant work-demands to a culture of passion, joy, and learning for the sake of learning.

Mincome will lead to cost savings and create a sustainable economy. See our press release for how that can be achieved.

3. Autonomy and Decentralization

We believe that the world works best when individuals are making informed decisions. It is our goal to get all information to all people, so they may be more informed voters, consumers, participants, and teachers. We do not need to force information culture & the hacker ethic onto people we can simply allow them to choose access. We believe the right to choose our identity, name, and appearance is inalienable.

4. Copyright and Patent Reform
Copyright and patent's main purpose was for propagation of culture and innovation. Our current copyright and patent laws are continuously being corrupted due to lobbying by copyright and patent monopolist. These monopolist refuses to innovate and provide wider access and pass on the savings from the new lower distribution cost. Instead the copyright and patent terms keeps getting extended to benefit the few to the detriment of the public interest. The opposite should happen. Copyright and patent terms should be shortened since our new information infrastructure (i.e. the internet) have brought us cheaper and faster means of distributing media contents and information. Mandatory licensing, owner's rights to a non-DRM product, open access to research data and shorter copyright term are some of the natural changes that is needed if we want to create a more open and progressive society. This will ensure future artist and innovator are not hampered by patent and copyright gatekeepers who uses rent seeking law for anti-competitive purposes.

Human beings increasingly have a moral duty to share information with one another. Libraries are stuck in the last century, enforcing artificial scarcity on digital content. If libraries were upgraded for the modern age, we would no longer need filesharing. And let's face it, watching and listening to whatever you want to is fun. It breaks down arbitrary global borders of access and creates a global culture defined by people- not by corporations.

At the Pirate Party- we believe more information leads to better decisions. We believe that more voices leads to better compromises. We believe in Canadians.

Our democracy need a serious upgrade and Pirate Party aims to change politics to the way it should be.