Make Employment Insurance Fairer

Employment Insurance premiums make up big part of regular deductions on a worker's paycheques. Hard working Canadians pay the premium with expectation that it is their insurance should they lose their job. It is important to preserve that trust by making sure workers are paid the entitled amount promptly when the needs arise. We will make sure funds for Employment Insurance are managed responsibly and all efforts are made to avoid cutting of benefits during times of economic downturn or increas...
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Move toward a Citizens Income (“Mincome”)

Canada had a minimum income ("mincome") program, it was highly successful until a new government came in and shut it down. We want to revive the mincome program, and implement it on a national level. Instead of bailing out banks, and channelling money through them to increase spending in the economy, help needs to get directly to those who are creating new ideas and new jobs. However, it is not just a question of creating any old jobs; the focus of our economy should be jobs with a living wage....
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Carry Out Trademark Reform

All trademarks should be equal in law. There should be no special exceptions for particular trademarks or organisations.


Require Subsidy Matching

Many industries that are essential to Canada (including rail, water, electricity generation and supply, gas supply and other utilities) have been privatized in recent decades, but continue to rely on massive government subsidy for infrastructure investment. These private organisations then take millions in support whilst continuing to provide dividends to their shareholders and massive pay and benefits to their senior staff. We believe that this is unfair. Where the government spends the taxpay...
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Make Pensions Fairer

At present pensions providers are taking large amounts of the money that individuals save for their retirement in fees and commissions, often with a lack of clarity as to what such fees are for or whether they will be applied at all. Given the importance of saving for retirement, we would aim to disincentivise providers from charging excessive fees and ensure that any costs associated are clearly stated up front. All pension funds should have to state their costs in a clear, unobfuscated way at ...
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No More Bank Bailouts

The bailing out of Canadian banks during and shortly after the bank crisis by the government may have shored up some banks, but at a huge cost. We don't think that banks should be allowed to profit from risky behaviour. We must draw a line under the 'too big to fail culture' and resolve that the Canadian taxpayer is no longer required to prop-up incompetent or overstretched banks. There should be no more 'bankers' bailouts. The government should still guarantee the deposits of savers at high st...
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Put the Treasury Economic Models Online

Hiding economic data and the basis on which predictions are made is bad for confidence and makes it harder for anyone to challenge the decisions made by government. The Pirate Party will ensure that information that aids analysis and planning, like the Treasury's economic models, are available to anyone via the Internet or at request.


Reduce Tax Evasion

To reduce tax evasion, we will aim to increase penalties for engaging in schemes aimed at evading tax unlawfully. The penalty for tax evasion should be sufficiently punitive that getting caught once outweighs the benefits of having engaged in evasion over a period of years.


Encourage Entrepreneurship Through Micro-Businesses

We will promote micro-business as a driver for innovation and competition in the Canadian economy. A micro-business is a very small business with a single owner and no employees, one with a turnover of less than $2500/year. The first $1500 of income earned from micro-business would be tax free, nor would the income from such an operation have an impact on benefits.


No-one Will Pay More Tax Than Those Earning More Than Them

Taxation should be fair to the taxpayer. Those earning the least should not only pay a smaller amount of money in tax, but should always have a lower marginal tax rate than those earning more than they do. That marginal tax rate should apply to all taxes on income, whether from employment, investments or other instruments. We would aim to simplify the tax system to ensure that the tax system is as fair as possible. We want everyone to keep as much of the money that they earn as we can, but it i...
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July 2016
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